Punjabi Thali: Learn About The 5 Authentic Dishes Served In It
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Punjabi food is famous around over the world! If you want to explore north India's authentic taste, you should try the Punjabi thali. You will find Sarso ka Saag, Makki ki Roti, and varieties like Dal Makhani, Lassi, and Amritsari Kulcha in every Punjabi thali. Here we are sharing a list of dishes that are exclusive to Punjabi/North-Indian thali: 

Dal Makhani

Who doesn't love dal makhani with butter? If you put out a survey, hardly anyone will deny a bowl full of it. However, it is a fact that the dal makhani recipe also varies in many households. By the way, let us tell you that apart from butter in dal makhani, you can also add milk and cream to enhance its taste. 


The quintessential Punjabi beverage! You can only get the real taste of pure milk and cream in Punjab. The size of an ordinary glass of Lassi in Punjab is quite large. If you haven't consumed this before, you have to try it once in your life, and we bet you’ll be in a food coma!

Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer is the pride of every Punjabi thali. People like to eat it with rice, pulao, naan, roti etc. Shahi Paneer takes a lot of hard work to be prepared. Whether in a Five Star or a Dhaba, you can easily find Shahi Paneer on the menu. 

Sarson ka Saag-Makki ki Roti

Sarson ka saag-Makki ki roti is best eaten in the winter season. It is cooked on a stove in Punjab and served with white butter. You can make it easily at your home as well. Grated radish in Makki ki roti to add more flavour to your meal. 

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsar is a city in Punjab, and people love the authentic kulchas here. Amritsari Kulcha can be made in several ways. Some people like to stuff potatoes, while others add lots of butter. It goes best with a bowl of chole!