Non-Veg Dinner Recipes For A Meaty Affair. Whatsay?

For a majority of people, a good meal is when a non-vegetarian dish is cooked with several spices and herbs. From regional recipes to a those originated in Mughal cuisine, there are so many non-vegetarian dishes that have been ruling our hearts since ages. We just feel sad when we don’t find our favourite non-veg dish on a restaurant menu or at a wedding buffet. We can feel you and this is why, we have brought a list of some amazing non-vegetarian curries that you can cook for dinner. Are you excited? Have a look. 

Doi Maach 

Doi Maach could be a perfect choice for your dinner. This traditional Bengali dish has rohu fish      cooked in curd-based gravy and spices like bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. When served with hot pipping rice, this dish can show you a really good time. Believe me! Here’s how you can make this dish at home.   

Saag Chicken 

This dish proves that delicious food could be healthy too.  Saag chicken    is a winter special Punjabi dish made spinach leaves, mustard leaves and fenugreek leaves. This attains a beautiful bright green colour when done and tastes amazing, thanks to the spices used in it. You can serve it with naan or tandoori roti. Find the recipe below. 

Mutton Dhansak 

This traditional Parsi dish can steal your heart in no time. This non-vegetarian curry has mutton    cooked with vegetables, lentils and the dhansak masala which gives it the exotic flavour and the amazing name. When served with flavourful dhansak rice, this dish tastes yummy. Here’s the recipe. 

Dhaba Style Chicken Curry 

This chicken curry is something that we all love. One of the best desi recipes, this chicken curry is cooked especially in dhabas and this is what makes it special. This curry has marinated chicken pieces cooked in tomato onion gravy, ginger and garlic paste, several spices and curd. Follow the recipe and make this amazing chicken curry at home. 

Chicken Biryani 

This humble chicken is all you need today. It can give an explosion of flavours in your mouth with every single bite, and we just can’t get over it no matter how much we have it. This dish has rice soaked and cooked with medium-sized chicken pieces marinated in ginger-garlic paste, curd and biryani masala, of course. When done, biryani is garnished with fried onions, coriander, mint leaves and saffron milk.  See the recipe below!

I know you are too excited to make these dishes. Cook these amazingly delicious dishes for dinner and let us know about the one you liked the most.