Mushroom Recipes For Lunch That You Can't Say No To

It is hard to decide what to cook in the lunch. Even after thinking so much, we end up making same dishes again and again. But there is one vegetable that needs to be on your list because of its ample nutritional value and amazing taste. Though not a vegetable, mushrooms are categorized in the fungi kingdom. But because of their essential nutrients and properties, they are counted as a vegetable.  

Mushrooms are used in almost cuisine around the globe but still many people don’t like it just because of its appearance. But believe me, there are some amazing mushroom dishes in the Indian cuisine that will make you drool. So, we have brought for you some amazing mushroom recipes that you can make for lunch. So, fasten your seatbelts and upgrade your mushroom cooking experience. 

Kombu Barthad 

This is Coorg special mushroom dish that can steal your heart in no time. Kombu Barthad is a simple stir-fry with mushrooms chilies, coconut vinegar and curry leaves. Fondly enjoyed in many parts of Karnataka, this dish can get ready in no time and tastes lip smacking. For the recipe, click here. 

Kadai Mushroom 

This scrumptious blend of sautéed button mushrooms cooked with capsicum, onions and tangy tomato sauce. It's time to get over kadai paneer and have this amazing kadai mushroom. This dish gets ready in less than 10 minutes and goes well with hot chapattis. Here’s how you can make this dish at home for lunch. 

Mushroom Masala 

This versatile dish is packed with so many flavours of aromatic spices, mushrooms and tomatoes. Star ingredient of the dish is cashew cream which gives it a blissful taste. Adding cashew cream could be a choice. No matter you add it or not, this dish remains a delight. 

Chettinad Mushroom 

This rich and creamy mushroom dish has chettinad in its name, what else do you need? Chettinad mushroom consists of mushrooms cooked in tamarind extract, chilies and coconut. It goes well with chapati and rice and can show you a really good time. 

Mushroom Pepper Fry 

Yet another simple and humble mushroom dish is mushroom pepper fry. Pungency of black pepper is the star of this dish. It can be served as a starter, side dish and even a main course dish. Here’s how you can making this amazing dish at home. 

Try these dishes and let us know if you liked them. See you!!