Mother’s Day 2022: Ring In A Special Brunch Menu To Surprise Your Mom This Year
Image Credit: Pixabay, A special brunch for the special lady in your life.

While we believe that one day would be a little less to celebrate the immense love that mothers shower us with all through the year, it is nonetheless a special day. Right from tutoring us during our early school days to becoming our best friends in our adulthood, there are countless times that our mothers have saved us from the wrath of our fathers when we’ve done something wrong. There are also innumerable times when these same women have guided us to the right path in our lives when went a little haywire. They’ve satiated our cravings and given in to our requests too by going out of their way. 

While it would be difficult to list down all that they’ve done for us all these years, we should definitely thank them on their special day. Did you know that Mother’s day is celebrated on different days across the globe, usually falling somewhere between the months of March and May. Give your mothers a break from the kitchen and wear the apron yourself this Mother’s day. Invite all her friends over and give her a surprise with all her favourite dishes on the table. We know you can take care of the décor and other arrangements, we’ve got the food sorted for you. 

Since it’s a Sunday, a lazy brunch with lots of good food and drinks would be a perfect idea. Here’s all that can feature on your Mother’s day brunch menu this year. 

For starters, 

1.  Corn Kachori 

The sweet hints of corn filled up inside a round and flaky pastry is a good idea to begin with. The corn is mixed with pressed rice or poha and spruced up with green chillies and a few spices. The deep-fried snack can be served with a mint-coriander chutney or tomato sauce. 

2.  Hara Bhara Kebabs 

Bite-sized kebabs that can be easily popped into the mouth while playing cards should definitely be on the menu. Stuffed with mashed peas, potatoes and spinach, the kebabs are shallow-fried in oil and served with some tomato ketchup. Add some green chillies to take the heat a notch higher. 

For main course, 

1.  Punjabi Chole 

Hot and fiery, this chickpea recipe is full of spices and flavour. The classic Punjabi preparation involves some tanginess of tomatoes along with onions, ginger-garlic paste and some soda. The flavourful dish can be eaten with steamed rice. 

2.  Chicken Tikka Masala 

For the non-veg lovers, this is the perfect dish after butter chicken. Surprise your mom with your cooking skills by making the succulent boneless chicken tikka, tossed in a spicy and delicious gravy. 

For desserts, 

1.  Moong Dal Halwa 

The rich and decadent halwa that will win hearts is this moong dal halwa. The moong dal is ground and stirred with ghee continuously to give this aromatic dessert. 

2.  Mango Kesar Pista Kulfi 

Since mangoes are in season, churn a creamy and sweet mango-flavoured kulfi with the goodness of kesar and pista.