Microwave has become a necessity in every kitchen in recent times. It makes many tasks from cooking to baking, grilling and reheating food extremely easy. But with a microwave, several other myths also come along with it. Microwaves may be convenient to use, but people are still reluctant to use them due to some myths. Are you also in a strange dilemma due to the myths related to microwaves? So today, we are telling you some such myths and facts about microwaves.

Myth 1: Microwaves are more expensive than stoves

Fact: Some women avoid using microwaves because they think using them will cost them a lot of electricity. At the same time, the truth is quite the opposite. Microwaves use less electricity than traditional electric or gas ovens. For example, lasagna takes 50 minutes to cook on the stove but just 14 minutes in the microwave oven. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), microwaves use up to 80% less energy when heating relatively small amounts of food. Therefore, using a microwave can significantly save on electricity bills.

Myth 2: All microwaves can bake and grill

Fact: In today's time, people buy microwaves not only for reheating food but also for baking and grilling, etc. But you should know that a basic microwave will not meet all your needs. Therefore, if you want a microwave that reduces cooking time and does baking and grilling, you should invest in a microwave oven. Before buying, focus on the different features and models.

Myth 3: Microwave reduces the nutritional value of food

Fact: Most people believe that food is cooked in the microwave reduces its nutritional value. While the absolute truth is that nutrients like vitamin C, omega fatty acids and some antioxidants can be lost whenever food is exposed to heat. But this also applies to cooking in general, not just when you use the microwave. According to the WHO, cooking in the microwave is safe and retains about the same level of nutrients as when you cook on the stovetop.

Myth 4: Microwave causes cancer

Fact: This is also a popular myth that people believe and avoid using microwaves. When we use low-grade plastic containers in the microwave, its chemicals can mix with the food and cause health problems. So take special care of the container you heat or cook the food. By the way, microwaves do not cause any health problems.