How To Roast Corn On The Cob In The Microwave?
Image Credit: Corn On The Cob

Let's just agree that roasting corn on the gas does not give the same taste as roasting it on a heater or flame. But now, in the era of electronics and appliances, nobody even has a heater; everyone owns a microwave. So why not roast these corns in a microwave? Here are five points to remember while roasting them. 

Cut both sides of the corn

You must have seen corn being peeled and roasted in the market. But do not do this while roasting it in the microwave as the method is different. While roasting the corn in the microwave, cut off both sides. This will not burn the edges and will not spoil the taste of the corn. The edges of the corn remain a little raw, which becomes bitter when cooked in the microwave. Therefore, while roasting corn in the microwave, always cut both sides of it. 

Take out the corn leaves

While roasting the corn in the microwave, its dry leaves should be removed. Because roasting the leaves in the microwave also burns them, and sometimes it also causes a short circuit in the microwave. Therefore, they should be roasted after the removal of leaves.

Roast three corns

As there is a lot of space in the microwave, you should roast three corns at a time. Also, to cook all these corns properly, it is necessary to keep them in the middle of the microwave. But yes, keep in mind that these corns should not touch each other. 

Take care of time

If roasting one corn, put the microwave on high mode and roast it for 3-5 minutes; in between, you can turn the corn after 1-2 minutes. On the other hand, if there are 2-3 corns, set the timer for 5-8 minutes and keep the microwave on high mode. By the way, the estimated time is 8 minutes to bake an ear of corn in the microwave.

Allow time to cool

After removing the corn from the microwave, let it cool for 1 minute. So that the heat collected in it spreads evenly and the corn continues to warm. There is a little water on the skin of the corn, but don't worry; after cooling down, it will drain automatically. 

When the corn cools down, rub lemon and black salt on it before consuming.