Maach Love: 5 Indian Fish Curries You Cannot Miss
Image Credit: Fish curry Image: Freepik

When planning an Indian non-vegetarian menu of a party or any get-together, most often, we take it for granted that the options will naturally only include chicken or mutton. While these do make the majority of the list, but rarely do we go beyond and explore the delicious world of fish curries and fries. If you are a fish lover and have ever had a plate of piping hot fish curry from Goa, Bengal or Kerala, you would know what we are talking about here. The succulent and heavenly fish turns out to be a delicious affair, you can’t resist. Easy to make, fish curries usually don't even require a lot of preparation. Luckily, India boasts some of the most delicious fish curries that can be a perfect addition to your party menu. So, if you are ready to explore and add fish to your party menu, we’ve got some of the most amazing fish curry recipes from across India.  

1. Alleppey Fish Curry 

This light and wholesome fish curry from Kerala has my heart. An aromatic fish curry stewed in raw mango, and infused with coconut milk spells deliciousness in each bite.  

2. Goan Fish Curry 

Bursting with flavours, this Goan curry has a splutter of mustard seeds along with whole spices, coconut milk, and chillies. Fish fillets are cooked in a mix of these aromatic ingredients along with a handful of green veggies, making a wholesome affair. 

3. Kerala Fish Curry 

This traditional Malabari dish is a bit spicier. It boasts a signature taste of kudampuli (dried Malabar tamarind that lends a distinct flavour) and curry leaves. 

4. Mangalorean Fish Curry 

Another south Indian fish curry that enjoys a lot of fan following. Mangalorean fish curry has a unique taste of tamarind combined with chillies, coconut milk, red chilli powder and curry leaves.  

5. Bengali Macher Jhol 

Bengali cuisine is known for drool-worthy fish recipes and macher jhol is, perhaps, one of the most popular out of all of them. It has fish, traditionally rohu, prepared in tomato and yoghurt-based curry and infused with the flavours of mustard oil and homemade panch phoron - which consists of nigella seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds - and adds a punch of unique flavour to every dish.