Indian Breakfast Recipes: 5 Yummy Egg Dishes To Try
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Eggs for breakfast are a favoured choice in many parts of the world. Be it the staple omelette, poached eggs, scrambled eggs or more, eggs make for one of the most popular morning meals. After all, besides providing the much-needed protein boost to our body, eggs are also super delicious, easy to prepare, and versatile. There are many dishes that can be rustled up with eggs. 

Love eggs with some desi tadka? There are options galore. If you're looking to give eggs an Indian spin for your next meal, we’ve got some great options for you. From the classic bhurji to desi-style omelette, these egg recipes are sure to tease your taste buds like nothing else.  

1. Egg Paratha 

A staple Indian breakfast for many across the country, parathas are soft and flaky flatbread topped with dollops of ghee. These are often paired with a dry sabzi, curd or pickle. But adding eggs to its stuffing can make it wholesome and delicious on its own. Not only will it be a protein-rich meal that will satiate your rumbling tummy for long, but also an irresistible treat that can impress anyone.  

2. Mumbai-Style Egg Bhurji 

Egg bhurji is one tantalising breakfast option that has the right kind of flavours to impress the spice lover in you. This classic Mumbai-style egg bhurji comes with a lot of butter, and is a perfect fit with lightly toasted pav. 

3. Egg Dosa 

Ever tried a dosa stuffed with eggs? If you haven’t, you have missed out on a heavenly experience. Anyone who loves South Indian food and eggs in equal measures must try muttai dosai, which features eggs combined with the goodness of dosa. Since it has the protein-rich eggs, muttai dosai is a meal in itself and doesn't require any accompaniment. Wholesome and every bit tempting. 

4. Mughlai Paratha 

Not to be confused with a classic egg paratha, Mughlai paratha is a popular dish in West Bengal, which is tasty and carries a generous amount of eggs mixed with a host of masalas. Pair it with your favourite chutney or curd and enjoy. 

5. Masala Omelette 

Move over regular omelette, and introduce your family to a delicious masala omelette for breakfast. With a classic blend of spices and sauces (such as soy and tomato sauce) and a dash of milk, this can be a perfect morning meal to begin your day with. Flavourful, filling, and easy to make.