Here’s An Air Fryer Hack For Poached Eggs

Eggs are a versatile morning staple, but occasionally you just want a good egg without all the hassle. However, there are situations when boiling eggs can go wrong, leaving you without breakfast and starving during the morning rush. We did, however, discover the best air fryer technique for poached eggs      . The recipe is not only easy to make for those hectic mornings, but it is also delicious! 

Only three items are required for the easy hack: an egg, an air fryer, and a small dish of hot water. To begin, pour boiling water into a small dish, then crack an egg into it as you would over a boiling saucepan on the fire. The egg is then easily placed in your air fryer and cooked for 11 minutes at 170 degrees. You will have an egg that is nicely poached with an oozy yolk if you carefully remove the heated dish from the air fryer after the 11 minutes are up. 

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You can add as many single eggs as you require or as many as your air fryer can accommodate. Every single time you use this foolproof air fryer hack, the perfect poached egg will be produced. It's particularly useful on hectic mornings when you might not have time to keep an eye on your breakfast eggs while getting ready for work. 

Egg poaching couldn't be any simpler. Additionally, it's a fantastic low-calorie method of cooking eggs because you don't need to use additional fat, unlike when making scrambled or fried eggs. Not only do these eggs make a fantastic breakfast on their own (with a little salt and pepper and perhaps some toast), but you can also top a French salad with them, use them in an Eggs Benedict with opulent Hollandaise sauce, or go really healthy and serve them over sautéed greens. 

Quick Tip 

Using just simmering water is the key to successfully making poached eggs. Reduced bubbles reduce water agitation, which can break apart and scatter the egg whites. After cracking the egg into a cup, carefully lower it into the water once it has reached a simmer. 

Make your poached eggs in advance if you plan to cook them for a large group, such as the entire family on Easter Sunday for Eggs Benedict. Up to five days before you intend to serve them, prepare your poached eggs as usual. The poached eggs should be moved right away to a bowl of ice water. Until the eggs are chilled, top them with additional cold water as necessary. Refrigerate the eggs until needed by transferring them to an airtight container.