Navratri is round the corner and so is the festive fervour. We can’t control our excitement because the festive season has just begun. This nine-day long fast will be observed from 7th to 15th October and during this time, worshippers will hail to different avatars of Goddess Durga on each day. While there are four Navratris observed all-round the year, it is the Sharad and Chaitra Navratri that is the most celebrated one. The Sharad Navratri acts as a precursor to Dusshera and Diwali. 

Now, since we are on the topic of fasts, you might also be aware of the certain food restrictions related to the vrats. Sometimes, these restrictions can be daunting but since it is the time of celebrations, we would not want you to be low on energy. To keep your spirits high, makhana is a great energy booster. Its nutritional value is quite known but do you know that you can make delicious treats from it too? 

We’ve dug out some lip-smacking makhana aka fox nut recipes that are perfect for your fasting. 

1. Makhana Aloo Crisp 

These potato and makhana balls are fried until golden brown and then popped into the mouth for that perfect crunch. The batter is prepared from ragi flour which is suitable for the vrat and also keeps you full for longer. 

2.  Makhana Matar Tikki 

You must have enjoyed potato cutlets but have you makhana tikkis? Mixed with mashed peas, the foxnut and peas dough is rolled out into flattened tikkis and cooked on a pan. 

3.  Palak Makhana Sabzi 

With the goodness of palak, the makhana pieces are dropped into the semi-thick curry and enjoyed with a kuttu atta roti. 

4. Makhana Kheer 

Who said Makhana can be used only in savoury dishes? Prepare this creamy and filling makhana kheer for your sweet cravings during the vrat. 

5. Oats Makhana Rabri 

Yet another sweet treat with makhana is this rabri recipe. With oats and makhana together in a sugar-loaded dessert bowl, you wouldn’t feel guilty of indulging in this classic sweet.