Haldiram's: A By-the-Numbers Journey
Image Credit: Established in 1937, Haldiram's is now a household name in India

THE iconic Indian snack company Haldiram's has recently become the centre of a billion-dollar bidding war, with leading private equity firms vying for control. This development gives us the perfect opportunity to delve into the fascinating journey of Haldiram's, a brand that has become a household name across India and beyond. Here’s a closer look at Haldiram's impressive milestones and the figures that have defined its success.

1937: The year Haldiram's was founded in Bikaner, Rajasthan, by Gangabisanji Agarwal. This marked the beginning of a snack empire that would become a household name in India.

50+: The number of countries where Haldiram's products were available as of 2015, showcasing the brand's global reach and popularity.

30+: The varieties of namkeen Haldiram's offers, with Aloo Bhujia being one of the most popular.

3.8 billion: Litres of milk used annually by Haldiram's restaurants in India, reflecting the massive scale of their operations, as of 2015.

8-8.5 billion: In USD, the estimated valuation of Haldiram's, making it one of the most valuable snack brands in India and attracting interest from major investment firms.

62 million: The amount of potatoes in kg used annually by Haldiram's, as of 2015.

1982: The year Haldiram's expanded beyond Rajasthan, setting up its first shop in Delhi. This marked the beginning of its pan-India presence.

70,000 crore: In INR, the empire value Haldiram's has grown into, from its humble beginnings.

87 years: The journey of Haldiram's from a small shop in 1937 to a global snack powerhouse in 2024.

100%: The claimed safety of Haldiram's products despite differing food safety standards between India and the West.

80 million: In kg, the annual amount of butter used in Haldiram's restaurants, further illustrating the vast scale of their operations.

60 million: In kg, the annual usage of pure ghee in their restaurants, showcasing the ingredient integral to Haldiram's offerings.

1.2 million: In tonnes, the annual production capacity of Haldiram's, reflecting its massive output to meet high demand.

3.5 billion: In USD, the reported revenue of Haldiram's, showcasing its financial strength and market presence.

76%: The stake in Haldiram's being sought by a consortium led by Blackstone, indicating the high level of interest and competition for control of the company.