Midnight Hunger Pangs? 7 Leftover Roti Snacks For Night Cravings
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In the genius of the Indian kitchen, where nothing goes to waste, leftovers become unsung heroes when you want something delicious instantly. And among all the leftovers found in Indian cuisine, leftover rotis are the most beneficial to eat. After one day of cooking, rotis starts developing probiotics, which promote a healthy gut microbiome. Not only that, leftover rotis are also low in calories and high in fibre.

With leftover roti, you can craft many delicious recipes in an instant. And it's especially good when you need something delicious late at night.

Leftover rotis allows for no hassle cooking and you can make many recipes like samosas and frankies with it. Plus, you can switch between deep-frying methods with no-oil cooking, like air-frying and baking. So, without further ado, read on to learn more about seven delicious leftover roti creations.

7 Leftover Roti Snacks For Late Night

1) Roti Samosa

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You can use halved leftover roti as samosa wrap and fill it with aloo or a vegetable filling of your choice. Secure the ends with water and wheat flour paste and air fry or bake until it becomes crispy and delicious.

2) Roti Chiwda

For making roti chiwda, you just have to break the roti into pieces and sauté it in oil with chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, spices and salt. As the roti cooks, it absorbs all the spices and moisture and becomes a crumbly, lip-smacking snack.

3) Roti Frankie Roll

Frankie tastes a lot better with all the probiotics in roti, which adds a layer of savoury flavour. It goes well with the contents of the frankie and the deep taste improves the overall flavour, which is much more delicious than the plain all-purpose flour sheets.

4) Roti Taco

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Similarly to Frankie, leftover rotis can be used to make some scrumptious tacos with delicious crispiness all over. From rajma filling to potato patties, these roti tacos taste well with every filling you want to include.

5) Roti Quesadilla

Slitting roti from a radius and stuffing different ingredients in its quarters, you can make some delicious quesadillas with roti. This trend is booming all over the internet, where you can separate different layers with a layer of sheet and enjoy the flavours without them overpowering each other.

6) Roti Noodle Fries

Leftover rotis, when chopped into long strands and fried until crispy, makes an instant late-night snack. For airfrying, you can lay down roti starand on aluminium foil, spray some oil and cook until crispy. And for the oven method, you can hang roti strands on the grill to let them cook crispy on all sides.

7) Roti Nachos

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Similar to roti fries, you can chop down rotis into triangles and make some healthy nachos with them. Add some spices to the oil before brushing it on rotis for more flavour and enjoy it with Greek yoghurt or your favourite dip.

Leftover rotis can be a lifesaver when late-night hunger is not letting you sleep. With these wholesome recipes, you can enjoy a delectable snack at night without a speck of guilt.