8 Easy Upma Varieties To Try For Late-Night Snack Attack
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Thinking of wholesome snacks? Let Upma be your ally! This easy-to-make and delicious breakfast dish can be served any time of the day when you crave an instant hot meal. Loaded with vegetables and good carbs, upma can fill your hunger and provide an instant energy boost without being heavy on the stomach.

There are more than 50 upma recipes at present, all introducing a new flavour and texture. Whether you like it loaded with veggies or smooth and thick that melts in your mouth, the versatility of upma makes it fit for every preference.

After you try these recipes out, you’ll notice how only a few ingredients are enough to make a wholesome recipe. From rava to wheat flour and rice, know about how many different upma recipes you can make for the night.

8 Easy Upma Recipes To Try

1) Masala Rava Upma

Basic upma does not contain veggies and has a delectable, smooth texture that melts in the mouth. For this, semolina is reacted with wheat flour and chickpea flour until aromatic. The roasted mixture is sauteed with chopped onions, chopped chillies, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, tomatoes, curry leaves and coriander leaves. Mild spices like chilli, turmeric and salt go in and water is added to make it thick.

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2) Rava Upma With Vegetables 

Vegetable upma is made with the goodness of veggies and does not combine spices. For this, vegetables are sauteed in oil with chopped onions, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and some salt. Then the roasted rava mix goes in and water is added for consistency. You can choose many vegetables, like capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli and so on.

3) Vermicelli Upma

Ghee-roasted vermicelli is the perfect component for making a delicious upma recipe. As the vermicelli slowly roasts in ghee, it develops a soothing, deep flavour that goes well with spices and veggies. The process is the same as rava upma; the only difference is that you switch rava for vermicelli noodles.

4) Cauliflower Upma

Cauliflower upma does not combine rava or any other flour; it's simply made out of riced cauliflower. The florets are grated to a fine consistency that almost feels like broken rice. It blends perfectly with spices and curry leaves and is a go-to recipe for the keto diet.

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5) Arisi Upma or Rice Upma

Arisi upma is made with broken rice, which takes half the cooking time for whole rice kernels. Toor dal is added for a protein boost and it is tempered with mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal, hing, red chilli, and curry leaves.

6) Ragi Upma

For ragi upma, ragi flour is mixed with semolina. It adds the goodness of ragi to the simple upma recipe. After you sauté the veggies and spices, rava and ragi flour are added and tossed until they get aromatic. Then water is added to help it cook. Ghee tops the dish and simmers for a few minutes before serving.

7) Oats Upma

Oats upma is one of the best ways to savour the goodness of oats in a delicious recipe. Regular rolled oats are perfect for this recipe, and it is made in the same way as the traditional recipe. With the goodness of veggies and the flavour of spices, eating oats would've never been so delicious before.

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8) Bread Upma

If you have leftover bread, you can crumble it up and make this delicious bread upma for the night. You just have to sauté bread crumbs in upma masala and optionally, add cheese on top for flavour. Making upma is not as difficult as it sounds. With simple staple ingredients and some spices, it can be a wholesome recipe for a late-night snack attack.