6 Wholesome Crepe Recipes For Healthy Midnight Snacking
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When cravings call at midnight, get your griddles out and make some soothing crepes with your choice of ingredients! Whether you like to indulge in savoury goodness or want to satisfy your sweet tooth, crepes are wonderful creations that can be made in any way you like.

Crepes can be delicious and healthy at the same time. You can make it savoury with chickpea flour and vegetables or you can make it sweet by mixing whole-wheat flour and fruits of your choice. If scraping it out of the pan seems like a challenge, you can easily rule it out by using non-stick pans or greasing your griddle well before putting the batter on it.

Pair your sweet crepes with chocolate ganache, maple syrup, or honey, and for savoury ones, ketchup or tomato chutney will be a delightful combination. Try out these easy recipes and satisfy your hunger without succumbing to unhealthy temptations.

6 Delicious And Healthy Crepes For Late-Night Satisfaction

1) Onion Besan Crepes

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The classic Indian-style onion besan crepes, also known as chilla, involve some mild spices with chopped onions, coriander, chillies, and herbs in a hearty besan batter. Crepes come out thin and crispy when the batter is thin enough to spread evenly. With crispy edges and a soft core, these crepes are delightful when hunger strikes.

2) Cucumber Besan Crepes

The iconic besan kakdi chilla or cucumber besan crepes soothe the taste buds with their refreshing nodes from cucumber and the warming sensation from besan batter. Mild spices and herbs add to the flavour. As you let it simmer on the griddle, the edges and crust become deliciously crispy.

3) Almond Milk Crepes With Strawberries

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You can use whole wheat flour or almond flour for these crepes. Mix the batter with diluted almond milk and add some chopped fruits and nuts of your choice. After the crepes are done, fold them in quarters and insert chopped strawberries. Drizzle it with chocolate ganache or honey.

4) Carrot Crepes

Besan chilla made with carrots is one of the most indulging recipes, combining the goodness of carrots in a soothing batter. You can add some mixed vegetables like capsicum, onions, grated cauliflower and so on to create mixed-vegetable crepes.

5) Coconut Crepes

With the nutty ambience of coconut settled in a sweetened whole grain batter, these coconut crepes combine tropical flavours for a relaxing hunger during summer days. Drizzle honey on top to add a layer of garnish to make it more indulgent.

6) Spinach Crepes

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Whole wheat batter or besan batter are both equally good for making crepes with spinach. Chop the spinach leaves instead of blending them into a paste to give them a soothing bite. Chopped spinach does not overpower the existing flavours and all the spices shine beautifully.

Crepes are one of the best hunger quenchers when you need something instantly late at night. With the right methods and utensils, making crepes is a child's play.