Gur For Winter: 6 Jaggery Desserts To Relish This Season
Image Credit: Traditionally Modern Food/facebook

Winter is said to be the perfect season for adding jaggery into the diet. As it is packed with vitamin C and iron, it not only makes our desserts healthy but also helps in fighting against seasonal cough and cold and further keeps us warm during winter. I can bet, most of us, at least once in our life would have been given kadha, prepared with jaggery to cure common cold. 

Talking about its use in cooking, almost every dish that is sweetened with sugar can be replaced with jaggery. This not only makes our food rich in nutrients but also enhances the flavour. From gur roti to chai, this brown delight has marked its presence in all kinds of food and we all know how essential jaggery is for desserts. Most of us think gur is mainly used as a healthy replacement of sugar, but that’s not true.  

Here are six authentic jaggery desserts to relish during winter: 

1. Jaggery Kheer 

This simple yet mouth-watering kheer is popular in states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Made with very few ingredients such as rice, milk and jaggery, this scrumptious dessert is also known as rasiya and raskheer. In order to add aroma to the dish, cardamom and other dry fruits are also added. 

2. Gur Halwa 

This steaming hot halwa is a must-try dessert during winter. It is a comforting sweet treat that can be made with both jaggery powder and jaggery syrup. This guilt-free halwa is also topped with lots of nuts and dry fruits that provides warmth during the chilly season. 

3. Gur Malpua 

This authentic dish of Rajasthan is quick and easy to prepare. Made specially during festivals like Diwali, gur, malpua gets it luxuriant flavour from fennel seeds. Garnished with cardamom powder and pistachios, this winter treat instantly melts in mouth. 

4. Jaggery Ladoo 

There are multiple ways to make ladoo with jaggery. The most common ones are wheat and til ladoo. The popular gond ke laddo also uses jaggery as one of the main ingredients. The simplest one is til ladoo that is prepared with sesame seeds, jaggery and cardamom powder. 

5. Chikki 

Who hasn’t enjoyed this addictive dessert cum snack? It is specially prepared during festivals like Makar Sankranti in all parts of India. This crispy delight is super nutritious and energy boosting as it is made with the goodness of peanuts. 

6. Nolen Gur Payesh  

This rice pudding is a popular winter delicacy of West Bengal. Made with fresh date palm jaggery, this recipe is usually made with gobind bhog or basmati rice. It is rich and creamy in texture and the jaggery gives it a rustic earthy flavour. 

Prepare these gur recipes at home and have a warm and cozy winter.