How To Use Black Pepper For Cough And Cold
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As much as we like the recent frigid winds that have descended upon the nation, many of us are reporting to work or school with runny noses or sore throats. Due to the abrupt change in season, many people are also suffering from dreadful illnesses. Our immune systems tend to deteriorate throughout the winter, which is why many northern households begin winter preparations early. Ghee is widely used in traditional winter dishes like pinni and methi ladoos. In the winter, ghee is thought to keep your body warm and active. Similarly to this, many winter spices are also known to strengthen immunity.

Here's how black pepper can cure colds and cough

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities found in abundance in black pepper assist to prevent infections while also relieving pain. Additionally, black pepper is high in vitamin C, a natural immune system booster and a potent antibiotic. For the most benefits, it is better to crush the peppercorns. Black pepper is also renowned for clearing nasal blockages and easing chest congestion. In Indian families, black pepper and honey are well-known tonics since honey has a built-in cough suppressant.

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Add some ground tulsi leaves, half a teaspoon of black pepper, and half a teaspoon of finely chopped ginger to a cup of water in a container. Make it boil. Put one teaspoon of honey into the mixture to make it sweeter. Consume this mixture warm.