Friendship Day 2022: 7 Food Combinations To Celebrate The Day
Image Credit: Chole Bhature is a classic Indian food combination.

Friendship Day is just around the corner. While the International Friendship Day falls on July 30 this year, Friendship Day in India is always celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Interestingly, there are several food combinations that are a marker of friendship in their own way. Think of Rajma Chawal, Pav Bhaji or even Chole Bhature and you’ll be reminded of how intrinsic the two are to each other. Each food pairing is made in such a way that it complements the other, just like your friendship.

Combining two food items and presenting them together is an art. Take Rajma Chawal, for instance. The way the thick kidney bean gravy blends with steamed rice is what gives the grain some flavour. Then, it not only serves as a wholesome meal but also a great food combination that cannot be separated from each other.

Here are some classic Indian food combinations that you can devour with your loved ones this Friendship Day.

1.  Idli Sambar

The quintessential South Indian food combination is a hit on the breakfast table. While the coconut chutney does make its appearance with idlis, idli and sambar are the perfect match. The soft and spongy idlis, when dunked in a tangy soup called sambhar, totally melt in the mouth. The steamed rice cakes and tangy curry work well with each other due to their contrasting texture and flavours. While you dip your idli in sambar, remember who’s the sambar of your life.  

2.  Chole Bhature 

Another popular breakfast dish that is commonly eaten in the northern parts of the country, Chole Bhature is an indulgent meal. Crispy, deep-fried puffed breads are served with a side of spicy chickpea gravy. The hot and spicy flavours of chole complements the crunchy texture of bhature really well. With condiments like pickle and sliced onions as well as green chillies, this classic breakfast is a greasy and heavenly treat. 

3.  Biryani And Raita

If there was one word to describe biryani in India, it would be comfort food for many. Be it a vegetarian tarkari biryani or a meaty and juicy chicken and mutton biryani, the one pot dish seems incomplete without a bowl of raita. Since biryani is usually a hot and fiery affair, the raita helps to balance the spiciness with its cooling properties. Raita, for the unversed, is a curd-based mixture made by whipping the curd and flavouring it with spices as well as vegetables like finely chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. The raita acts as a pacifier for the biryani, just like your friends in your life.

4.  Jalebi With Rabri

The Indian fare is replete with a plethora of sweet meats. However, there are some which come in pairs like Jalebi with Rabri. What makes it so good? The contrasting textures as well as the hot and cold flavours of the two components of this combination. While jalebi is a crunchy, sweet meat that is deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup, rabri is a chilled, creamy mixture that is made with khoya and milk. It is a thick and aromatic mixture that is flavoured with saffron strands and poured over jalebi to enhance the taste.

5.  Makki Di Roti And Sarson Da Saag

A winter favourite in Punjab, this food combination is all things rich and tasty. Loaded with ghee and flavour, the makki roti is made with maize flour and is usually paired with sarson da saag. Sarson refers to mustard greens and the blanched mixture of this leafy vegetable is high in nutrition. Both the roti and saag add to the nutritional value of the meal as the saag provides iron and the makki ka atta or maize flour is loaded with antioxidants and is good for eyesight too.  

6.   Dal Chawal 

While rice is a staple grain in many parts of the country, it is commonly paired with a variety of dishes. What is the most comforting of all is the humble dal chawal combination. Moong and masoor dal preparations poured over a plate of jeera rice fare really well. This is a very simple and basic combination that could remind you of the love you share for your friends even in the simplest of moments. 

7.   Litti Chokha

This is a classic Bihari food combination that is quite popular during special occasions. Litti is made from sattu, a type of flour that is loaded with nutrition. The balls of this flour are baked to perfection and served hot with a side of chokha or mashed potato mixture. Boiled and mashed potatoes are spruced up with onions, green chillies, salt and red chilli powder. Chokha is also made with eggplant at times which is known as baigan chokha.