Friendship Day: 5 Inseparable Food Combinations You Must Try
Image Credit: From fish and chips to doughnuts and coffee, everything reminds us of our best friend.

Do you stick around for your BFF all the time? And do they do the same for you? That’s what friends are for after all. Through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow, a best friend is a person that will stay right by your side so that you’re never alone. The strong bond of friendship is what makes the two of you inseparable. You might fight, hang out with other people and whine for a while too but you know that ultimately, you’re going to go back to your safe space and home which is your best friend. It is funny how a similar process follows in case of food too. You may eat standalone dishes but most often, you’d find something to accompany it. Take pakoras for instance. The deep-fried Indian fritter can be eaten alone but people usually prefer to dip it into a bowl of tomato ketchup or mint chutney before taking a bite. 

Rajma and chawal is another loved dish from North India. For many, it even amounts to comfort food. The red kidney beans are cooked in a spicy masala and served hot with steamed rice. Now you may say that rice can be paired with plenty of other curries too. However, it is the combination of rajma and chawal that binds it together like Harry and Hermoine. There is nothing that works so well with rajma as rice. To mark the bond of best friends and celebrate friendship, Best Friends Day is celebrated in the United States every year on 8th June. Tracing the exact date of origin of this tradition isn’t possible but it is said that it began in the year 1935. 

From gifts to notes and sweet gestures of love are expressed on this day to let your best friend know that they are really special in your life. Thinking along those lines, we can’t help but think of food combinations that you can dedicate to your BFF on this day. 

1.  Peanut Butter And Jelly 

Haven’t you heard of the PB & J sandwich? It is quite popular in the US and well, we can’t deny that both go well with each other. The crunchiness of the peanut butter is balanced by the jiggly jelly. The sweet and nutty flavours explode in the mouth once they are paired together. You can spread them on a slice of bread or make crunchy bars with peanut butter and jelly too. 

2.  Macaroni And Cheese 

Macaroni and cheese, or mac and cheese is another classic duo that works really well together. Macaroni is a type of elbow pasta that is cooked together with loads of cheese. Cheese and cream cheese go into the making of this dish and the final outcome is obviously very creamy. Along with this, milk is added to make it soft and moist. Once it is baked, the macaroni literally melts in the mouth. They fit each other so well that you would want to share the bowl with your best friend. 

3.  Doughnuts And Coffee 

Although doughnuts are popular across the globe these days, it is the Dutch who are believed to have given shape to a primitive doughnut in the 19th century in the form of oil cakes. Later, it adapted to its new shape in the US. The soft and gooey exterior of this circular dessert is often covered with flavourings like chocolate, sugar, strawberry and more. The warm tone of the doughnut goes really well with coffee. The sweetness is balanced out really well. 

4.  Fish And Chips 

The sound of fish and chips makes us think that they are English. However, it is far from the truth. It was the Jews who brought this idea of batter-fried fish to Britain after fleeing from Portugal. Once a dish with a longer shelf life, fish and chips started being sold on the streets and gradually, were incorporated into British meals with the pairing of chips. 

5.  Dal Baati Churma 

A quintessential Rajasthani dish that comprises of three important elements, dal, baati and churma, is another example of friendship. This trio is a bonus dish when you have a newcomer between the two best friends. While dal and baati came together during war time, churma entered the combination much later.