Fish Curries Of India: 5 Best Fish Dishes From Across The Nation
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Bengali Doi Maach

The rich variety of fish available in the freshwater bodies in India is reason enough for the large number of fish dishes in the country. Interestingly, it is not just the areas that are near the coast that are known for their seafood. Apart from the backwaters of Kerala and the beaches of Goa, regions like Kashmir and Punjab also prepare some delicious sea fare that is popular across the country. However, each part of India has their own specific spices and flavours which are infused into these dishes, one of them being the fish curries.

The curries of India are no stranger to us. From vegetarian recipes like chickpeas, kidney beans and more to meaty curries like chicken curry, lamb curry etc., the gravy-like dishes are a marker of most regional cuisines. Here are some fish curries from different parts of India that spell sheer indulgence.  

1.  Doi Maach From Bengal

This Bengali delicacy is a summer favourite. Doi means yoghurt or curd and maach refers to fish in Bengali. The fish is cooked in a creamy yoghurt sauce that is flavoured with ginger paste, cinnamon and cardamom. Mustard oil is used for cooking the fish which is later dunked into a pool of creamy curry made with curd and a few spices. For this curry, thick and meaty fish like rohu or katla are preferred. This can be paired with steamed rice.

2.  Gaad T’Tamatar From Kashmir

While the luscious and meaty curries of Kashmir are the most popular ones, this fish curry from the valley’s fare is a treat for special occasions. Gaad is the native name for fish in Kashmiri and this curry is made with loads of tomatoes. The thick and tangy curry is filled with a tomato paste, ginger powder, fennel powder, cardamom and cloves. The fish fillets are marinated first with turmeric, salt and lemon juice and then dunked into the tomato gravy.

3.  Fish Caldine From Goa

A culmination of seafood fare from India is incomplete without a mention of Goan staples. While the Goan fish curry is a traditional curry made with Goan spices, the Fish Caldine is a special treat because of the masala that goes into its making. The Caldine masala is prepared with onions, pumpkin seeds and coconut milk extract along with a few spices. The yellow curry is mildly-spicy and all things creamy, usually packed with fish and sometimes, even prawns.

4.  Chettinad Fish Curry From Tamil Nadu

The hot and spicy fare belonging to a small community of Tamil Nadu, Chettinad cuisine is one of the most popular fares from the state. Deemed as one of the hottest fares in the country, the Chettinad curries like this fish curry are full of rustic flavours. The sour and tangy taste comes from the generous use of tamarind as well as tomatoes. The use of curry leaves and coconut is what lends the fish dish a Southern touch.  

5.  Malvani Fish Curry From Maharashtra

Malvan is a small town in Maharashtra along the western coast and is rich in seafood. One such dish popular in the region is the Malvani fish curry. A delectable combination of coconut and tomatoes, the curry has a tangy yet creamy taste. The vibrant red curry is then filled with fish which is usually rohu. Kingfish or rohu are often marinated in turmeric powder and spices and then cooked in the curry. The hot gravy is served with plain rice.