Diabetes Diet: 5 Idlis For A Wholesome Breakfast

Diabetes is a condition that impacts the blood sugar levels of your body. It occurs when there is not enough insulin or when your body is not able to respond to the insulin produced. To break it down further, when you eat anything, the food metabolism causes the release of sugar for energy, in diabetic people this sugar in the bloodstream becomes a reason of concern, as oftentimes the sugar could be too high or too low. Unfortunately, diabetes has no cure, but it can be managed with good diet and lifestyle choices.  

Diabetics should include foods that are rich in fibre and low in Glycemic Index (GI) levels to ensure a gradual breakdown of food items and a slow release of sugar in the bloodstream. Diabetics should also take special care about their breakfast, which is why we have curated a list of five idlis that guarantee a wholesome breakfast experience. Here you go.  

1. Oats Idli

It is not for nothing that oats are considered one of the most reliable superfoods. It is dense in both protein and fibre, both very crucial in managing fluctuating blood sugar levels. As opposed to the rice idlis, these idlis are going to be thick and wholesome, so to undercut the heaviness, you can pair them with refreshing chutneys. You can also add chopped veggies like carrots and beans to the oats batter and steam everything together in an Idli steamer.  

2. Moong Dal Idli

India’s favourite Moong dal is used in cooking a variety of dishes from soups, stews, curries to pakoras and halwa. The versatile dal can also be used to whip up a delish and diabetes-friendly idli batter. Moong dal has a GI index of 38, it is rich in protein and fibre, making it an excellent diet choice for diabetics.  

3. Ragi Idli

While it may seem like we Indians cannot do without rice and wheat, but in reality, a large part of India still relies on millets like ragi, bajra, jowar for their daily nutrition needs. Ragi is packed with fibre, protein, calcium, vitamin D and various antioxidants and minerals, that make diabetes management a tad easy. You can pair these idlis with sambar or chutney.  

4. Egg Idli

This has to be the easiest idli recipe in our list, as you do not need any batter to make this. This recipe is basically just eggs cooked in an idli pan and then tossed with a spicy masala made with curry leaves and dry red chilies. The American Diabetes Foundation found eggs to be very beneficial for Diabetics. You can have these egg idlis with chutney or as it is.  

5. Jowar Idli

Jowar or sorghum is yet another millet that is a powerhouse of nutrition. Jowar is loaded with fibre that keeps you full until lunch. These idlis are packed with a multitude of antioxidants and minerals to benefit your overall health.