Celebrate Kebab Day By Trying Your Hand At These Easy Kebabs
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Kebabs are one of the most popular appetisers at every party. From vegetarian kebabs to non-vegetarian ones, kebabs make for quick finger food that can be relished along with your favourite alcoholic beverage. Did you know that modern-day kebabs in India mostly trace their origin to the influence of Mughal empire and their cuisine? (Also Read: This vegetarian kebab recipe will bring the hills home). Some Indian kebabs have very specific geographic attributions. For example the Kakori kebab, which is made of finely ground, soft mince and attributed to the city of Kakori in Uttar Pradesh, where legend has it that it was first prepared for old and toothless pilgrims. If you’re looking to cook these Mughal delights in your kitchen, we suggest you try these recipes: 

1) Kashmiri Seekh Kebab

An easy yet delicious recipe, the Kashmiri Seekh Kebabs are a dish to reckon with. They are mutton meat preparations infused with many Kashmiri spices and grilled over skewers. These kebabs are traditionally served over a Trami (a large rounded copper platter) along with other delightful dishes which together make the Kashmiri Wazwan. The kebabs are soft, flavorsome, savoury and should be served along with a green chutney and some onions. 

2) Rohu Fish Tikiya Kebab

These are a great choice of kebabs if you are looking for a healthy appetiser. Fatty fish like rohu is enriched with omega-3 fatty acid which is great for your health and in regulating cholesterol. Furthermore, consuming fish helps in maintaining skin and hair health. The Rohu Fish Tikiya Kebab is a delicious kebab that’s easy to digest and a great choice if you have a heavy main-course coming up. This kebab can be made spicy by increasing the green chillies in the recipe. Serve this kebab with green chutney and onions. 

3) Tangri Kebab

The Tangri Kebab is the go to kebab for all chicken lovers at a party. The succulent chicken legs are cooked to perfection. This kebab is juicy, savoury and delicious. Since these kebabs are grilled, they are healthy and nutritious as compared to fried snacks. Traditionally, the Tangri Kebabs are chicken leg pieces that are first marinated in a spicy marinade and then roasted in a tandoor. However, because many of us don’t have the luxury of having a tandoor, we can grill or roast these kebabs in an oven.

4) Galouti Kebab

This kebab has a cult following amongst foodies. The Galouti Kebab is a soft, savoury and slightly sweet mutton Kebab which is relished along with Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha. Did you know that these non-vegetarian kebabs were invented in Lucknow - the city of Nawabs, by the Khansamas of Nawab Asad-ud-Daula for his love for different kebabs? Galouti means 'soft' and this kebab is made by following a mouth-melting recipe from the Awadhi cuisine. Try this aromatic and flavorsome Galouti Kebab recipe for your next dinner party or any get together at home.