Kebab is a type of cooked meat dish that originated in Middle Eastern cuisine. Many different variations are popular all around the world. Kebabs are comprised of cut up or ground meat, occasionally with veggies, and a variety of other ingredients depending on the recipe. Although kebabs are traditionally cooked on a skewer over an open flame, some kebab dishes, such as tas kebab, are baked in a skillet in the oven or served as a stew. No Indian get-together is complete without delectable kebabs on the table for starters. Nothing beats the combination of moist and juicy kebabs with spicy mint or pudina chutney and sliced onions on the side. If you thought vegetarian kebabs were exclusively about paneer, you're in for a great surprise. Vegetables can be turned into mouthwatering kebabs in a variety of ways. From lotus steam, raw banana, beetroot, and green peas to dahi, sabudana, corn, coconut, and a variety of other ingredients, there's something for everyone.

Here are some vegetarian kebabs that you can enjoy for dinner-

Chana Dal Seekh Kebab

The vegetarian starter Chana Dal Seekh Kebab is delicious. It's cooked with just the right amount of raw banana, chana dal, and cabbage, as well as mint, spices, and chillies. Rather than soaking it overnight and boiling it, chana dal is roasted and powdered before being added to the dough in this kebab. Roasting them gives the kebabs a rich scent and texture that everyone enjoys.

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Badami Chandni Kebab

Badami Chandni Kebab is a dish from Mughlai cuisine. This cuisine is known for its frequent use of dry fruits like cashews and almonds. These dried fruits are used not only whole but also grounded into a fine paste. Almond paste gives any dish a creamy texture. In this recipe, almonds have been crushed with paneer to make a smooth paste, which has been combined with spices and bread to make a melt-in-your-mouth kebab.

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Bhein Ke Kebab

The contrasting flavours of lotus stems, chana dal, and mild spices are mixed to make this one-of-a-kind Kebab. It's a great option for those who want to get enough nutrition while still tasting good. The major ingredient, the lotus plant's stem, is rich in minerals and nutrients necessary for the body's everyday functions. Potassium is one of these minerals, and it aids in blood pressure regulation.

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Dahi Ke Kebab

Dahi Ke Kebab is a soft, creamy kebab cooked with hung curd, breadcrumbs, and paneer to add volume and shape. To give it taste and crunch, various masalas, spices, and cashew nuts are added. Because of the onions, it has a different texture than other vegetarian kebabs, with a moderate crunch. Serve this kebab with a side of green chutney and enjoy the feast.

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Makai Galouti Kebab

Makai Galaouti Kebab is the a vegetarian version of galouti kebab.. Galouti kebab's key feature is that it melts in your mouth after the first bite. The addition of potatoes to these kebabs aids in their binding, while paneer adds a creamy texture. It has a great flavour because of the addition of chopped brown onions. They're served with green chutney, sliced onions and a lemon wedge on the side.

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