Breakfast Rolls: Quick And Delicious Hacks For The Morning
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The idea of carrying your breakfast to work may not be the most perfect way to eat for many. That’s because you’ve got leaky and greasy meals to devour that cannot be eaten on the way to work. What can you do then? A roll is always a great idea. For the unversed, a roll is something that is wrapped in a cylindrical shape and filled with stuffings of your choice.  

Did you know that you can add as many fillings to your roll as you want? This not only makes it a satisfying breakfast that satiates your appetite for long but also lets you eat your favourites all packed in one. From ham to chicken, cheese, eggs and veggies, there’s a lot that you can do with your rolls. It could be in the form of a breakfast burrito, a chapati roll or made with bread.  

Here are a few breakfast roll recipes to try at home.  

1.     Bacon Cheddar Spinach Breakfast Rolls  

Have you got your tortilla bread in place? Then all you need is sliced cheddar cheese, fried bacon strips and spinach leaves. Layer them on the bread one by one and roll it up. You can warm it up a little in the microwave so that the cheese slightly melts and you can devour each bite with the cheesy goodness.  

2.    Breakfast Egg Rolls  

The simplest of all and the tastiest too, eggs are a classic breakfast item that can be made in a variety of ways. You’ll find these breakfast eggs whipped, scrambled on a pan and then dunked in a roll sheet. Add to this some chopped veggies like onions and tomatoes and roll it up. Seal the roll from both sides and bake it in an oven or fry it in an air fryer.

3.   Ham And Cheese Breakfast Rolls  

The meat lovers can sit back and relax as their cheesy and meaty breakfast roll gets ready. The thick bread is packed with bits of ham and grated cheese. Season it with oregano, chilli flakes, salt and pepper. Roll it up properly and bake it till it turns golden-brown.  

4.   Chapati Veggie Breakfast Roll  

For all the desis in the house, you might want to stick to your regular chapatis and that’s alright. We’ve got a yum way to spruce up breakfast with leftover chapatis from last night’s dinner. Boil and mash potatoes. Mix it with onions and green chilli and add salt and pepper to it. Flavour with garam masala. Stuff the mixture in a roti and roll it up. Lightly cook on a tawa and it’s ready.

5.   Sausage And Cheese Breakfast Roll  

Another meaty delight for breakfast is this sausage roll. Sausages are cooked properly and placed in the centre of the fluffy bread. Cheese is added to the roll and it is wrapped up. The roll is baked in an oven till it turns golden-brown and serve hot with condiments like tomato ketchup and mayo.