Best Vegetarian Chinese Dishes: Have You Tried These 6 Recipes Yet?
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Whenever gorging to Chinese, my first preference is non-veg, whether chicken or fish. However, I feel that the veg dishes are a delight in Chinese food like the chilly garlic sauteed vegetables, or be the humble Manchurian or simple stir-fried veggies. Even though they might not be authentic Chinese, they can be called the Indian version. Be it their sauces like the soy sauce, chilli sauce, schezwan sauce, etc., we all love these flavours. But, if you're a Chinese grub fan like me, you must have also tried veg Chinese food or say Indo-Chinese food many times. So, today we are telling you about five such Chinese food that will surely calm your taste buds.

Veg Noodles

Do you know that prawns are mainly added to noodles in China? Apart from this, soupy noodles are also very much liked there. But on the contrary, veg noodles are pretty famous in India. This is because cabbage, onion, carrot are finely chopped and added. Moreover, instead of prawns, paneer is used in veg noodles.

Veg Spring Rolls

They are very much like a starter at parties. These rolls are filled with noodles, cheese, capsicum, cabbage and many other types of vegetables. It also includes mayonnaise and chilli sauce. The speciality of veg spring rolls is that you can prepare it well in advance, hence considered reasonable.

Honey Chilli Potato

They can be easily added to any party food menu as a Chinese veg starter. Of course, you must have eaten French fries many times, but if you want to eat something spicy, you must try honey chilli potato once. Made with fried potatoes, honey and chilli chutney, this snack is crunchy and full of flavour.

Veg Fried Rice

One of the easiest veg Chinese dishes can also be prepared with leftover rice. You can make it very healthy and tasty by adding vegetables like carrot, capsicum, cabbage, spring onion etc. The fantastic thing about this dish is that it tastes delicious when eaten hot and fresh.

Vegetable Manchow Soup

The list of Chinese food is incomplete without soup, and preference is given to different types of non-veg soups. But if you want to have a veg soup, you can try vegetable man chow soup. The spicy flavour of this Chinese vegetable hot man chow soup is fantastic.

Veg Manchurian

Everyone loves these wonderfully delicious Chinese balls filled with vegetables from kids to adults. Cabbage, carrot, spring onion, capsicum, ginger, garlic, cornflour, maida, etc., are used to make it.