Indian cuisine is a celebration of food. What else will you call a cuisine that has a range of spices, chillies and flavour in each delicacy? If you are someone who likes equal measures of spice and subtlety in your feast, Indian cuisine offers the best of both worlds. Be it a simple dal or a royal treat of biryani! While vegetarian delicacies are a delight, Indian non-vegetarian curries are simply irresistible. And if you, too, are someone who loves to indulge in meaty, robust Indian curries packed with succulent chicken or mutton, we’ve got you covered!

7 Indian Non-Vegetarian Curries You Must Try

1. Butter Chicken

Didn’t you think of it right at the beginning? Perhaps the king of Indian chicken curries, butter chicken is a delicious interplay of cream, butter, spices and chicken in a tomato-based gravy. If you haven’t tried this yet, it's high time you must!

2. Chicken Chettinad

While South India is packed with a lot of scrumptiousness, chicken Chettinad stands out for being one of the spiciest dishes in India and for its blend of fresh and local spices with chillies!

3. Laal Maas

A Rajasthani delicacy, Laal Maas is known to be another one from spiciest delicacies of India, using the spiciest of red chillies combined with mutton and oodles of ghee which results in a fiery curry!

4. Nalli Nihari

Talk of traditional mutton delicacies, and the discussion cannot skip the mighty Nihari! A stew delicacy made by slow-cooking the meat with bone marrow, Nihari dates back to the 17th-18th century as a breakfast item of the Nawabs in th Mughal empire.  

5. Chicken Korma

Rich, slow-cooked and thick, chicken korma is a royal treat that gets its name from the Turkish word 'Kavurma', which means cooked meat. Chicken braised in yoghurt, cream, stick and spices, cooked till thick and soft, makes for this scrumptious treat!

6. Rogan Josh

This thick, aromatic red meat curry is a signature dish from Kashmir and is packed with robust flavours of local spices and chillies. Rogan Josh is one of the most prominent non-vegetarian curries around.  

7. Bihari Fish Curry

Bihari cuisine stands out for its distinct flavours and cooking techniques that dishes out for the most delicious non-vegetarian dishes. Yes, it has a lot to explore beyond just litti chokha! This Bihar fish curry is a popular one from the cuisine and boasts distinctly local flavours used to marinate fish before cooking in a pool of other spices!

Try these seven excellent Indian non-vegetarian curries and share your experience with us!