6 Delicious Konkani Dishes You Can Try For Dinner
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Indian cuisine is one that is packed with several regional tastes. From the rustic northern culinary styles to the comforting southern ones, and in between these extremes are several regions that boast distinct flavours. The coastal belt of India, for instance, has many delectable delicacies that have not got enough limelight yet. The Konkan region - comprising the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka - is one such that flaunts a balanced mix of three cuisines, and offers a gamut of rich curries and stews that are not just delicious but also extremely healthy. 

Sharing quite a few similarities as neighbours, these three cuisines influence Konkani food with the traditions and culture of the three states. For instance, seafood like prawns, crabs and fish, coconut and local spices are some of the main ingredients used in the delicacies of this region. One can also find a lot of fiery and spicy dishes, balanced with a hint of coconut in the recipes. While Konkani foods are predominantly non-vegetarian, the vegetarian fare is equally delicious. Here are some of the best Konkani foods that you should definitely try for dinner. 

1. Kuvale Sasam - Konkani-Style Ashgourd Curry 

Ash gourd curry simmered in ground coconut, tamarind, dry red chillies, and spices, this curry is a healthy one, and a great way to add the goodness of ash gourd to your diet. The ash gourd is pressure cooked and then combined along with a freshly ground masala and finished off with a lovely tadka of mustard seeds, red chillies, and crispy curry leaves that add character to the dish. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

2. Khatkhate 

This delectable vegetarian Konkan curry is hugely popular in the Saraswat Brahmin community hailing from Konkan region of Maharashtra and the coastal region of Goa. Made with coconut, toor dal, a host of vegetables and triphala spice, Khatkhate is an exotic vegetable stew that you would love to indulge in. Best served with steamed rice, it is a wholesome affair. 

3. Konkani-Style Prawn Curry 

Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious, this prawn recipe can be served at your next house party as well. Coconut, hing, tamarind and turmeric ground together to a fine paste, and simmered with prawns in coconut oil, and cooked to perfection – this prawn curry is a delight.  

4. Dalitoye 

This Konkani-style dal prepared with split pigeon pea/toor dal, with the hint of ginger, is a comfort food you would want at the end of a hectic day. The flavours of mustard seeds, curry leaves and chillies lend an irresistible flavour. Made with the most basic ingredients you can find in your pantry; this is a must try. 

5. Vada Kombda 

Vada Kombda is a mouth-watering combination of chicken curry and South Indian vadas. The vadas in this dish are a simple south Indian staple loved across Indian homes. However, the uniqueness of vada kombda lies in the lip-smacking chicken curry in which the vadas are dipped and served. The curry is an interesting interplay of fiery local, homemade spices along with coconut, tomatoes, and chicken. 

6. Malvani Chicken 

Malvani delicacies are characterised by an extensive use of coconut in its various forms (grated, dried, or its milk) along with chillies, spices and a host of herbs. The Malvani chicken curry uses a distinct, homemade dry roasted and freshly ground Malvani masala along with coconut paste cooked together into a fiery masala.