5 Must-Have Food Items At Kolkata’s Park Street
Image Credit: Courtesy: Trincasrestaurant/Instagram

Kolkata’s undisputed gourmet arcade, Park Street is a bustling neighbourhood teeming with people and an endless array of small and big eateries that serve delectable cuisines from around the world. The moment you take the turn into its lively avenue, you cannot help but get overwhelmed by the food joints to hop into to satisfy your taste buds. Here are some must-have items from five hotspots located in this part of the city of joy.

English Breakfast At Flurys

Gear up for a Sunday morning breakfast at Kolkata’s iconic heritage bakery, Flurys. Established during the colonial era as an English tearoom, this bakery has been able to keep up its legacy to the core. Though they have set up quite a few outlets across the city, the original one on Park Street is the place you need to be for the perfect English breakfast. Comprising two slices of bread, grilled sausages, a poached egg, crispy bacon, dollops of butter and accompanied with tea or coffee, this is what you call the best way to begin your day.

Chelo Kebabs At Peter Cat

Speak of soft, succulent chelo kebabs and you can bet you will experience paradise once you get a bite of these delicious meatballs at Peter Cat. Served with steaming hot butter rice and an irresistible poached egg, this delicacy from one of the oldest and most popular restaurants on Park Street should be a must-have during your gourmet hunt in Kolkata. But be sure to book a table in advance or else you might have to wait in a queue for hours.

Mutton Rogan Josh And Konjee Crispy Chicken Bar-B-Q

A reasonable multi-cuisine eatery serving lip-smacking Indian and Chinese gourmet varieties, Bar-B-Q’s mutton rogan josh and konjee crispy chicken are tempting to every taste bud.

Sizzlers At Mocambo

Ask any bon vivant about their favourite sizzler joint in Kolkata, and you are sure to get the maximum votes for Mocambo. While prawn lovers will swoon for the Surf and Turf, those in love with pork will go gaga over the Pork Sirloin Steak, served sizzling hot, straight from the pan to your table.

If you thought you have had the best dim sum in town already, think twice. Because Ping’s Café Orient will surprise you with delightfully sumptuous Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dim Sum that gives out a subtle chestnut flavour. 

There are many more restaurants that Park Street takes pride in, but if you are running short of time and need to grab a bite of the best dishes in the pearly gates of Kolkata’s best food hub, the above are the must-haves on your trip to this corner of the city.