Roaming Around Park Street In Kolkata, Don’t Miss These Places To Hop In
Image Credit: The iconic English breakfast at Flurys/ Ayandrali Dutta

On of the most bustling hub of Kolkata happens to be Park Street. Park Street, also known as Mother Teresa Sarani, sees its roots in the British Raj, and till date continues to hold a much urban-centric chic culture. High rise colonial structure building,  old school pubs add om to the charm of this place.  Amongst all the Bengali chaos this place sees a charm that can’t be missed. The street gets its name after the private deer park that was built by Sir Elijah Impey — India’s first Chief Justice. Apart from all the buildings like Queen’s Mansion, Loreto College, the street also sees many landmark restaurants like Flury’s Bakery, Oly Pub, Trincas and more. 

Quoting Vir Sanghvi he had said “Were you alive when Trincas rocked, Usha Uthup and Pam Crain crooned and it seemed like Park Street was the centre of the universe? I was”. 

Oly Pub

Meat platter at Olypub/ Ayandrali Dutta

 Tis old school pub that’s always crowded, you really need to make your way here to grab a seat. Absolutely friendly waiters, the drink is poured directly form the bottle in front of you. From good pork sausages, chicken sausages to some oozing chicken ala kiev, this place is an absolute delight. Easy on your pocket, Oly pub is almost like a religion for the people of the city. This fuss free place is a must visit while you are in the city. 

And as you plan to leave pack some chicken/ mutton patties from here

Time- 11:15am–11:15pm
Address- 21, Park St, Taltala, 700016
Cost for two- Rs 1000


This 'iconic' and 'legendary' eatery in Park street sees some real great ambrosial food and live music and beautiful ancient architecture as you step in. The restaurant recently bagged the heritage tag by the prestigious INTACH. The origin of this place can be tracked to British era; and this place has seen a true tale of progression of Trincas. It’s website very rightly says “Every true-blue Calcutta family has a story about Trincas”. From Shrimp Cocktail, Chicken Ala Kiev, Chelo Kebabd, to Bekti Florentine to Chicken Stroganoff, Beer and more this place is a perfect hangout place with your friends.

Time- 11:15am–11:15pm
Address- 17, Park St, near Oxford Book Store, Park Street area,
Cost for two- Rs 1000


Shivji V. Kothari, founder Mocambo in 1956, had then employed an Italian chef and hence the reflected that culture. The place still sees the typical red lamp shades from an American jazz bar, and the attendants till date wear the unique turbaned uniform. Though few things have changed over the period of time but diners still take pride in their spaghetti with meatballs and lasagne, devilled crabs and of course the prawn cocktail. Once upon a time Pam Crain, along with the Anton Menezes’ band, brought Mocambo to life. 

The chefs special chef's special fish Florentine bekti steak baked with cheese sauce and chopped spinach and fish teak, minced pork steak are must to be tried here. 

Time- 11:15am–11:15pm
Address- Ground Floor, 25B, Mirza Ghalib St, Taltala, 700016
Cost for two- Rs 1000


Think chelo kebabs, think Petercat. This Indian cuisine bar that is known for kebabs and sizzlers is the oldest fine-dining restaurants in the city known for the mix of Indian and some Continental flavours.  The iconic chello kebab is served with Tehdig/aromatic rice with a dollop of butter and grilled tomato.

Time- 11:15am–11:15pm
Address- Stephen Court Building, 18 A, Park St, opposite KFC Restaurant, Park Street area.
Cost for two- Rs 1000


Looking of that perfect English breakfast in the city, Flurys tops the list. This English tearoom is nothing less than an is an institution in the city and even standing tall in the city till date, the place was founded by Mr and Mrs J Flury in the year 1927.  The Flurys’ English Breakfast is a must have while you are in town. It comprises two grilled sausages, two rashes of crispy bacon, one poached egg, two slices of bread, one grilled tomato, mushroom, butter along with tea or coffee, you could also opt for the Jogger’s Breakfast that sees where carrot/cucumber juice has replaced the fruit juice and high fibre multigrain bread has replaced the usual bread. Three egg-white omelet with spinach and onion, lean low fat, low sodium chicken sausage, rind less bacon, decaffeinated tea or coffee is also served in the platter. And yes don’t forget to pack some baba cake, vanilla pastry, rum ball and patties. 

Time- 9 am –10 pm
Address- 18A, Park St, Park Street area
Cost for two- Rs 1000