If you are travelling to Indore for only a few days, reserving a day to experience their food would be a call you won’t regret. Indore is one of the largest and most developed cities of Madhya Pradesh. It is also the most populous city of MP and a sought-after financial hub as well. It is believed that the city was named after its Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, one of the very few temples with Hindu God Indra as the presiding deity. The mix of reigning empires starting from the Gupta empire to the Holkars (Maratha) and the British, have all influenced the culinary culture of this city from time to time. The street food fare of the city is popular across the country. Here you can find a blend of Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Rajasthani and Malwi food.  Chappan Dukan and Sarafa Bazaar are two of the most iconic street food markets of the city. In fact, Sarafa Bazaar is India’s only street food place open till 2 a.m in the morning, attracting people from home and abroad.  

Here are some of the foods of Indore that should be on your bucket list:

1. Poha Jalebi

Nothing says ‘Indore’ more than a plate of poha-jalebi. The combination dish is made with poha which is a light, dry dish made with rice flakes, curry leaves, coconut shavings and a pinch of mild spices. Poha is served with crispy, hot jalebis. This sweet and savoury combination win win you over in a matter of seconds.


2. Bhutte Ki Khees

Move over ‘Bhutta’, and make way for this very unique street food. Here, corns are boiled and grated. This soft mixture is then flavoured with hing, cumin, green chillies and a pinch of lemon etc. A must try for all corn lovers.


3. Khopda Pattice

Celebrating potatoes in all its glory is this deep-fried pattice made with potatoes, with spicy potato and coconut filling. Dried coconut is also known as khopda or kopra in India, hence the name.

4. Batla Kachori

 A crispy deep-fried snack, filled with a spicy filling made with peas and a whole bunch of rustic spices. Indore is famous for a range of kachoris and kachori places, and this is one of the variants you must try.  

5. Egg Benjos

A famous offering at Johnny Hot Dogs, this lovely dish is essentially a spicy omelette tucked in between two buns. It is served with a fiery green chutney and tomato ketchup. You would find mutton and chicken variants of the snack as well.

6. Bina Tala Samosa

Samosa, but healthier. Yes, you heard it. This stuffed samosa is not deep-fried in oil, but baked till perfection. It is filled with a boiled-potato mix and is also known as veg patties or puff by the locals.