The Best Street Food In Kolkata

Kolkata is the one stop destination for foodies. You'll also be spoiled for choice with traditional Chinese food and Tibetan food here. There’s just so much to choose from, so here is our attempt to take you on a food tour of Kolkata that will give you an idea of what lies in store.

Puchkas in Vivekananda National Park

This is Kolkata's best place to find a phuchkawallah that makes every phuchka a delight. Kolkata’s street foods - the paprichat, dum-aloo phuchkas, and dahi phuchkas - are all to die for. On a good day, you just might spot a Tollywood star or two as you wait your turn to enjoy these delicious mouthfuls of heaven. Shurmur, a cousin to the phuchka family, is another delicious delicacy that's hard to resist. Combining tangy masalas, Teutul gola (tamarind pulp), mashed potatoes, and broken papris make Shurmur a truly divine dish. Maharaja Chaat Centre on Southern Avenue is one of the more popular joints here for the prefect phuchka Bhawanipore is another location in the city you can visit for great street food and phuchkas.

Kathi Rolls, Zaika Park Street

Did you know that the Kathi Rolls were first invented in Kolkata? This Zaika shop is responsible for the delicious, thin roti-wrapped stuffing that can now be found in every city across India. Although there have been many variations, the original Kathi Rolls, with the original delicious taste that kicked off a fast-food trend, can still be found at Zaika. For more lip-smacking rolls, try Nizam and Bah in New Market, Kusum, and Hot Kathi Roll at Park Street.

Lucchi & Alu Dom, Fairlie Place and Stock exchange, BBD Bag

Fairlie Place, Calcutta's central business district, is where people walk down the street in formal wear, newspaper in hand or talking on the phone. There are countless stalls selling everything from snacks to complete meals. Lucchi or Alu Dom is the most popular dish. Lucchi is similar in taste to a regular puri, while the Alu Dom is a Bengali version of Dum Aloo, and the best place to enjoy these dishes in Kolkata is Fairlie Place. You can also pig out on some of the best Kachoris, Rice, and Fish Curry you’re ever likely to taste. There's also a good chance you will find many good sweets here. Because why not end a Lucchi and Kachori evening with a good Bengali sweet? If you’re up for more, Chilla (Dal Pakora) and Dahi Chaat can at the Stock Exchange Road not too azr from here are worth your time.

Ghugni Chaat on Dacre Lane or Dacre Street

One of Kolkata's most loved food places, Dacre Street, also known as Decker's Lane, has all the greatest fast food you could want. You'll find stores filled with people, young and old, binging on everything from Chinese to Punjabi, and even a few famous Bengali dishes. This side of town is a must visit if you love Chowmein and Schezwan chicken. 

Mughlai Parathas: Anadi Cabin, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

The rotis served here are stuffed with chicken kheema, chicken cutlets, onions, and eggs. Sinful? You bet! Anadi Cabin serves mouth-watering Mughlai Parathas that will have you coming back for more. These parathas bring a completely new flavor to Kolkata's street food cuisine. Don’t let the setting or the simplicity of the environment fool you, the taste is anything but pedestrian!            

Desi Chinese at China Town, Tiretta Bazaar

20,000 Chinese Indians once inhabited the part of Kolkata known as Old China Market. Their numbers have dwindled significantly in recent years due to migration, with a little over 2000 residing in the area. However, the food culture they birthed remains vibrant. This is the part of Kolkata that gave us the Indian Chinese fusion food we’ve come to love and made a part of our fast-food nationwide. While Pou Chong in the same area is popular for the lip-smacking Chinese sauces that help make great tasting Indian Chinese food at home, Desi Chinese in Tiretta Bazaar is your best bet if you are an early bird that loves a Chinese style breakfast in Kolkata. You should visit the store no later than 5.30 am the store has a loyal following and, on most days, stocks last until 6.30am, or as late as 7.30am if you’re having a lucky day. 

Lord's More Dragon Chicken

Talk about grandiose names! Many of restaurants right next to South City Mall in South Kolkata will blow your mind when it comes to sumptuous food. There are several options for Chinese food: phuchkas and momos, sweet and salty shops, bakeries, and shacks selling Chinese food. Keep an eye out for the dish Dragon Chicken from smaller places while you are here. Pair that with some mixed fried rice and you’ve got yourself some of the best food you’d have ever eaten. 

Samosas at Tewari Bros in Bara Bazar

Fresh samosas with red chutney followed by a steaming hot cup of chai. That’s pretty close to evening snack heaven, one might say. And one would be right, too. You can visit Tewari Brothers (Tewari Bros) to get some surprisingly authentic, cooked-in-ghee hot piping Samosas. Don’t let the crowd intimidate you, wade right in and demand your plate of samosas. It’s well worth the wait. 

Momos at Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit

Tibetan Cuisine is a favorite in Kolkata. Rabindra Sadan Metro Extension is one of the best places to get delicious dumplings if you’re in the mood for momos and the like. The momos here are made with the best soups and sauces, elevating them to serious comfort food champion status (well, almost). This area is home to several small such eateries, and Kolkata’s office workers and students are often found crowding these joints. Can’t say I blame them, these momos are amazing and you will be left wanting more! 

Must-have dishes when you’re in the mood to binge on Kolkata’s Street food: 

  • Phuchka
  • Kathi Rolls
  • Jhalmuri
  • Shurmur
  • Ghugni Chaat
  • Kemar Doi Bora
  • Singara (Samosa)
  • Aloo Kabli
  • Telebhaja
  • Lucchi Aloo Dum
  • Mughlai Paratha
  • A variety of Bengali Sweets


Most of the items discussed here cost 200 rupees on average for two persons, going up to 300 rupees at the more expensive street stores.