Restaurants Serving Best Pork In Kolkata
Image Credit: Pulled pork

Pork as a meat occupies a special place. For meat lovers this one this soft meat and its tenderloin pieces with some lard adds to that extra taste to the dish. From ribs, to chop to belly to pulled part each preparation is a delight. And Kolkata as a city has truly understood deliciousness about this meat. 

Most restaurants in city serve some of the best pork dishes in the country like Five-Spice Pork, Grilled Pork Chops, Pork Choila, Chilli Pork, Pork Sausages, Bacon-wrapped Chorizo, Meatloaf, Pork Chops with Gobindobhog rice and more. 

Ekdalia Rd.

This boutique restaurant who has a new address now and is located at Dr Megnad Saha Sarani  Southern Avenue( opposite Nazrul Mancha), is known for their beautifully done in the blueish theme. Though the place boasts of some of exotic pork dishes but every year during winters they do a festival for pork lovers of Kolkata. Last year it was a BBQ buffet with Pork . This year the curated menu is complimenting the winter of Kolkata with roast pork chops /ribs on one side along with their home made Portuguese sausage curry platter. Also on the menu are a few of their regular items like Spaghetti aglio olio with Bacon n Ham or a Carbonara with Ham n Bacon. Well don’t miss the classic Pork patty Burger and the Ham Sandwiches inspired by the heritage clubs of Kolkata done with a twist. 

Price for two- Rs 600 onwards

Cup e বং

This cute little boutique café which sees some of great coffee collection, is that perfect place to unwind and relax as you catch up with your buds. Not plush interiors or fancy chairs yet the place is all about comfort. From the Chilli Pork, Barbecue Pork Chops, Darjeeling Pork Platter, Pork Steak, along with some Handmade Pork Sausages are a must try in the menu. 

The Handmade Pork Sausages handmade need a special mention as the delicate meat filling of the sausage is what sets it apart. It sees a perfect mix of ground pork, spice mix, onion, green chilies, diced fat. The pork sausages are sauteed in its lard that makes it an exceptionally the showstopper. If you are looking to try the Chilli pork then pair it with some rice. In each dish the meat is cooked to perfection and yes for pork lovers you can’t miss one.  With all these amazing pork perks that this pace offers don’t forget to order your brew. 

Price for two- Rs 500 onwards

Café Porkotini

This south Kolkata café is true to it’s name. This exclusive pork café is surely one its kind in the city. The menu here sees an wide array of pork dishes including some very unique ones too. As you place your order you can start with some roasted darjeeling tea too. From Pork Biryani that sees wholesome pieces of pork chunks to the Gahori Momo with some juicy pork fillings to Pork chop cooked in  teriyaki sauce and yes the meat portion will surprise you. One of the unique dish is Pork Pagla Bhuna, a dish that’s mostly made with beef but has been improvised with pork here an also their Pork bharta is something that’s unique on the menu

Price for two- Rs 750 onwards


Looking to feast on some pork and happiness, then Macazzo is the place in the city. This little café opposite Rabindra Sarobar stadium, might be known mostly for its Italian fare, but their cooked grilled bacon Bacon-wrapped Chorizo, Pulled Pork and Bacon with Cheesy Fries or the Pork Nasi Goreng surely can’t be overlooked. If you are looking for a little hatke dishes then their Gondhoraj Pork Curry with the subtle flavours of this king lime plays perfect with the dish. With some grated Gondhoraj zest that’s cooked with lean pork cubes is a real delight. Their house-made Piri Piri sauce pork ribs won’t disappoint you too. 

Price for two- Rs 500 onwards