5 Light And Healthy Vegetable Soups For Dinner
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Pumpkin Soup

Indulging in a greasy chicken curry or a rich biryani at night may not always be a good idea. While morning meals are considered to kick start the day, it is dinner after which one usually goes to bed. Since not much physical activity is involved after dinner, it is difficult to burn calories. Moreover, heavy and rich foods take longer to digest which is why they are recommended to be avoided at night. Instead, you can whip up some light and healthy soups. Soup, for the unversed, is a fluid-dish made with vegetables and meats that has a watery consistency. Usually served warm, there are several cold soups too which are often eaten during summer. 

The good part about soups is that they can be made with anything and everything. From broccoli to carrots, all kinds of vegetables can be added to the soup, making a broth-like dish with good nutrition. Instead of making a subzi or curry vegetables, the veggies when used for making soup, result in a delicious taste and also make it easier for you to eat vegetables you may not like otherwise. Without any cornstarch or preservatives, fresh soups are perfect for dinner to satiate the appetite. 

Here are some light and healthy vegetable soups that you can try at home. 

1. Lettuce And Cauliflower Soup 

A rich, green soup that will brighten up your dinner table, this soup is quite filling. The cauliflower florets are separated and sautéed together with chopped lettuce. After tossing them with butter, vegetable stock is added to the pot. Once this is ready, cool down the veggies and blend them together into a paste. After this, milk is added to the pot along with salt and pepper. Let bubbles form and then take off the stove. Garnish with some cheese if you like.

2.  Spinach Soup 

Don’t be mistaken with the creamy and velvety texture of this soup. It is a healthy soup made with the goodness of spinach. The spinach is blanched and blended well. The thick paste is then cooked with some milk and butter which add richness to its taste and texture. Since spinach is full of iron, it is a healthy soup that can actually aid weight loss too. Pair it with a multi-grain bread on the side and your dinner is ready.

3.  Pumpkin Soup 

While a lot of people fret at the sight of pumpkins, this one is a delicious recipe. When dunked into a bowl of soup, the pumpkin tastes delicious. A thick purée of pumpkin and onion is prepared. This is then mixed with soy milk and vegetable broth. Hints of sugar add a subtle sweetness to the soup, along with nutmeg for a strong flavour. Garnish the soup with coriander leaves and enjoy it. The smoky flavour of the soup comes from the roasted pumpkins that are used for making the puree. You can also top some fat-free Greek yoghurt on the soup. This will add to the tangy flavour of the dish.

4.  Tomato Soup

This is a low-calorie tomato soup recipe that makes you feel light and fresh. Ideal for a quick and light dinner, the tomato soup combines tomatoes and moong dal with water in a pan for a few minutes. Once they are cooked together, the resulting mixture is added to a mixer and blended. The thick tomato purée that is prepared is cooled down and then spruced up with salt and pepper in a pan and brought to  boil. This soup has a rich nutrient-profile, combining the folic acid and Vitamin C of tomatoes with the proteins in moong dal.

5.  Masoor Dal And Drumsticks Leaves Soup

The goodness of lentils like masoor dal is no stranger to us. This lentil is low in calories and full of folic acid and Vitamin B9, which makes it good for diabetics too. The folic acid helps to generate new red blood cells. Good for the heart and the body, this soup is made with an addition of drumstick leaves. Spruced up with jeera powder, unsalted butter turmeric powder and white pepper powder, the soup tastes heavenly. Add a dash of lime juice in the end and relish the tangy flavour.