Monsoon has arrived in many parts of India and it doesn’t come with just breezy winds, earthy aroma and vibrant greenery all around. It is also accompanied with string of seasonal infections like cough and flu. Don’t we all know someone who is prone to fall sick as soon as the first shower hits? In order to steer clear of these infections, it is important to arm ourselves with good immunity. And the best way to do so is to load up on vitamins and minerals that can these fight diseases. Soups and stews, for instance, are a one-pot bowl of comfort that not only packs flavour but are also brimming with essential nutrients.  

Non-vegetarian broths and soups can be one of the best sources of protein and other nutrients that can help boost immunity, keep us warm and build strength. Here are 3 non-vegetarian soups and stews that are perfect to simmer this monsoon season: 

1. Thukpa 

If there is one thing that the Tibetans in India hold close to their hearts, it is this food that reminds them of their roots. And thukpa is one of the most popular Tibetan delicacies in India. After momos, of course. A traditional Himalayan soup, thukpa is popular in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and parts of India such as Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. It is said that Tibetan's New Year is incomplete without thukpa. Noodles, meat and veggies tossed together in a bone broth makes this a win for us during cold and rainy weather. Besides being super delectable, this noodle-based recipe is also very comforting and easy to make.

2. Chicken Mulligatawny 

In the simplest of terms, Mulligatawny soup is an anglicized version of rasam wherein lean chicken breasts, basmati rice, and coconut milk bring together a comforting flavour. Its origin has interesting stories around it. It is believed to have been savoured in Sri Lanka and reached Tamil Nadu during the British Raj around 1800s. It is also said that this soup was based on an Indian dish and was changed into soup to satiate the fussy British soldiers during the British Raj.

3. Turmeric Chicken Soup 

We are well-aware of the many benefits of turmeric (haldi). Ayurveda boasts about its immunity-boosting properties and its ability to ward-off infections. This chicken soup blends in shredded chicken. Turmeric and ginger pack anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for the season change. On top of everything, paprika, lemon, jalapeno and other ingredients make it a mouth-watering delicacy to warm up with on rainy evenings.  

So which are you cooking in the kitchen tonight?