5 Iconic Breakfast Dishes From Bengal You Must Try

Bengalis are immensely proud of their sapid cuisine. From sweet to savoury, there is no dearth of flavour in here. It would be quite fair to say that Bengalis take their food very seriously, from breakfast to dinner, every course of meal is overflowing with lip-smacking flavours and distinct textures. Bengalis truly believe in the saying of ‘food brings joy’. Therefore, they begin their day with some iconic breakfast dishes that deserves their own regal recognition. Since Bengalis have a penchant for spicy and tantalizing flavors, their breakfast, likewise permeates every facet of the rich cuisine. Here are 5 amazing Bengali breakfast dishes that you simply must try, if you're a lover of flavours and all things decadent.

Chirer Pulao

The popular breakfast of Bengal is a heavenly twist to the traditional poha. The dish is loaded with an array of seasonal veggies including cauliflower, carrots and peas which is flavoured with onions, kalonji and raisins. Chirer Polao is a perfect blend of hot and mild spices. You can also pair this dish with a piping hot cup of adrak chai for best experience.


Radhaballabhi is a spiced, stuffed puri which is made with lentil-urad dal. This puffy bread is an enticing combination of various spices and herbs which is deep fried in mustard oil. Radhaballabhi is often paired with spicy sabzis like aloor dum or aloor tarkari (spicy potato curry). These round fluffy breads will surely satiate you to bits.

Cholar Dal And Luchi

In any Bengali household this combination dish spells triumph. The rich chana dal is prepared with the aromatic tadka of panch phoran (five spices), bay leaf and cardamom. This dish is further flavoured with fried coconut bits, which makes it, all things irresistible. It is usually served with luchi, a fluffy cousin of puri made using refined flour and pure butter which is deep fried until golden-brown.


Ghugni is a ubiquitous street food of Kolkata. It is made of spiced chickpeas or Bengal gram which is seasoned with lemon, green chillies and generous amounts of onions. It can be savoured in breakfast as well with hot crispy luchis. Primarily, it is a vegetarian dish but Bengalis also tend to toss some succulent pieces of mutton chunks to the flavourful gravy to make this treat heartier and more tempting.

Koraishutir Kochuri

Koraishutir Kochuri is another traditional delicacy of Bengal. This special kachori is made using fresh green peas that are mixed with ginger, green chillies and various masalas. It is often enjoyed with patali gur (date palm jaggery) which gives it a sweet-savoury touch.

Let us know how many of these dishes you have tried.