5 Desi Desserts Made From Moong Dal
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Be it lunch or dinner, our meals are usually incomplete without a sweet treat. No matter how full we might be, there is always some room left for dessert, don't you agree?! And desis, most of the times, end up noshing upon decadent Indian desserts when craving something sweet. From softest of the rasgullas and gulab jamuns, to dainty kheer and fragrant halwas - just thinking about these scrumptious desserts can make us drool! There is something absolutely magical about Indian desserts that, we always end up having more than we actually craved.  

While you may have had most desi desserts made of milk and khoya, we’ve got some amazing Indian desserts made with moong dal. A versatile lentil, used in many Indian snacks and main course dishes, the best part about moong dal is that it offers a lot of room for innovation and creativity. From halwas, and ladoos to payasam and more, here are Indian desserts you can make with moong dal.  

1. Moong Dal Halwa 

This is one of the most popular Indian desserts, and is loved by foodies. A smooth mix of powdered moong dal, sugar and milk, this velvety and luscious halwa is a melt-in-mouths texture, and tastes absolutely heavenly.  

2. Moong Dal Ki Barfi 

Barfi is a staple Indian sweet in India. No matter what the occasion might be, barfi is what you turn to when its time ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’. And this moong dal ki barfi is just the perfect pick for anybarfi lover. Powdered moong dal, ghee, khoya, sugar and water combined, cooked and then set to make this barfi. Super soft and scrumptious! 

3. Ashoka Halwa 

Here’s the south Indian version of moong dal halwa. Ashoka halwa is a sweet delicacy from Tamil Nadu, which is more crumbly and dry than the moong dal halwa, yet is a mouth-watering mix of moong dal, wheat flour, saffron, dry fruits and sugar. 

4. Moong Dal Payasam 

A popular dessert from south India, payasam is a lot like kheer with a creamy and milky texture. Picture blended moong dal, cooked with cardamom, cinnamon and coconut milk, and you’ll be slurping for this moong dal payasam. 

5. Moong Dal Ladoo 

Ladoos are loved by kids and adults alike as these bite-sized, round sweets come in many flavours. Moong dal ladoos are soft and delicious, and made with ground, roasted moong dal fried in ghee and sugar.