5 Delicious Dishes You Can Make Using Puffed Rice
Image Credit: Source: Freepik

Being an Odia, no evening in my house goes without having a cup of chaa along with a bowl full of jhalmuri on the side. Amped up with chopped onions, tomatoes, chanachur, coriander leaves and peanuts, jhalmuri is a quintessential snack in many Odia households. When I moved to Delhi, my Odia heart craved muri and that’s when sev puri came to my rescue. The humble muri or puffed rice is light, low in calories and is quite versatile to be incorporated into a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. From the variety of chaats made with puffed rice to the delicious laddoos and chikkis, puffed rice dishes are quite a lot in Indian cuisine. A great source of fibre and carbohydrates, puffed rice dishes are a great option when it comes to having a light snack. Here are five delicious dishes you can make with puffed rice.

1. Puffed Rice Bars

Searching for a perfect pre-workout snack? These puffed rice granola bars are perfect for you. Low in calories and light, puffed rice makes a great pre-workout snack.  

2. Puffed Rice Dosas

Dosas are unquestionably one of the most loved foods in India. Make these dosas with puffed rice and serve them with a flavourful chutney and sambar and let us know how they turn out.

3. Puffed Rice And Coconut Laddoo

One of the must-have desserts in my house, these laddoos are easy to make and are a delight to savour. Filled with the goodness of puffed rice and coconut, these laddoos are perfect for light snacking.

4. Murir Moa

The Bengali muri delicacy is one of the quintessential desserts in most Bengali households. Made with puffed rice and jaggery, these moas are light, filling and delicious.

5. Puffed Rice Upma

Perfect for a healthy and wholesome breakfast, puffed rice upma is surely a recipe to bookmark. Easy to make, quick and delicious, puffed rice is one of the best options when it comes to a hurried morning breakfast.