4 Ways To Turn Leftover Dal Into A Delicious Breakfast
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

One thing that has been the mainstay across lunch and dinner tables in any Indian household is a bowl of dal. No matter what the occasion might be, a wholesome meal in India is never complete without a humble bowl of dal to go with roti or steamed rice. 

Be it your Punjabi-style dal makhani, dhaba-style dal tadka, South Indian toor dal sambhar or your panchmel dal, one can cook dal in myriad ways. And no matter what recipe you choose to eat, dal is never going to disappoint you and is sure to be delicious and nutritious. And what happens with such delicacies more often than not is that we end up making them in large quantities. We are left with a lot of leftover dal in the end, and while we can happily consume it for our next meal, ever thought of turning it into a delicious breakfast item? 

If you are confused at the mention of dal in breakfast, fret not. We’ve got you sorted with some very easy and quick breakfast dishes that you can easily make. We know how mornings are usually one of the most stressful times of the day, as amid all the rush for work and household chores, we are pressed for time to prepare a wholesome breakfast. Keeping in mind all that, we bring you some interesting ways in which you can use your leftover dal to prepare a lip-smacking breakfast. Take a look: 

1. Dal Cheela 

Don’t we all love a delicious stuffed cheela? Cheela is a favouite across age groups and is super easy to make too. All you need to do is mix besan with leftover dal, add water as required and adjust the seasonings, and the batter is ready. Simply pan-fry it and serve hot.  

2. Dal Paratha 

One of the most common North Indian breakfasts, parathas are easy, quick, and can be made healthily. From mass favourite aloo paratha, to gobhi or paneer paratha, and more, every paratha recipe is sure to be a treat to your tummy and taste buds. This dal paratha is also one of those healthy and hearty options that you can try in your next morning meal. Simply add leftover dal in your parathas and pan fry. 

3. Dal Dosa 

Very similar to the cheela, this dosa just uses sooji instead of besan, adding a little more crunch. You can pair the dosa with sambar or coconut chutney and you have a wholesome breakfast to enjoy. You can also prepare sambar by using the leftover dal. 

4. Dal Cutlets 

Move over your regular potato cutlets and prepare this protein-rich dal cutlet for a healthy breakfast recipe. You can simply make a mix of cooked dal with veggies and spices, pan-fry and enjoy. Besides having it as a quick and nutritious breakfast, you can also enjoy it as your evening snack with a steaming cup of chai – the perfect combination.