Craving Restaurant-Style Dal Tadka? 3 Tips To Remember
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram image by @kuki.jar

Dal tadka is a classic Indian dish that has been a staple at every Indian household since years. Typically, this aromatic side dish is prepared with lentils and tempered spices that are cooked separately and mixed together at the end.  As a vegetarian, whenever I dine in at a restaurant, I always order dal tadka in the main course. I believe most of us hate eating homemade dal but enjoy the same that we get in restaurants. In my opinion, I feel it's simply because chefs at restaurants make use of high-quality ingredients that we generally don’t use in our everyday cooking. Have you been looking for ways to amp your boring dal? Here are some tips and tricks to get that restaurant-like taste in your homemade dal. Quickly these tips a read and get cooking.  

Dal chawal or dal roti is a staple diet of India

Add dollops of rich desi ghee  

The next time you are cooking dal at home, swap oil with desi ghee. Using desi ghee will get your homemade dal a rich taste and flavors to your dish. To get that restaurant-like taste in your dal, you must add dollops of rich desi ghee as required.  

Take care of the consistency 

Your dal should not be runny. Make sure you use water in the right amount by adding it one by one instead of pouring it all at once. If you feel that the consistency of dal is too thin and watery, drain some water off from dal before adding a tadka to it.

Use loads of spices  

A perfect blend of aromatic spices and masalas is all you need to make your dal aromatic and full of flavours. Make sure you use the ingredients in the right ratio. Always add a big red chili while adding the tadka if you want to make it spicier. Ace the art of tempering by combining loads of spices until it begins to crackle. 

Tap here to check out the full recipe for making mouth-watering dal tadka at home. Also, don’t forget to pair it with roti or chawal for a wholesome experience.