Indian cuisine is known and loved by all across the globe. Among the variety of dishes and beverages that the country offers, our aromatic curries are definitely a star performer. The vibrant melange of herbs and spices that blend beautifully with veggies, lentils or meat is a phenomenon known worldwide. And if your definition of comfort food is chicken curry with rice or roti, we know the emotion. Be it the classic butter chicken, kadai chicken, the mouth-watering chicken tikka masala or the rich chicken korma, each chicken dish is unique and caters to different taste buds. Imagine succulent chunks of chicken, simmering in a robust gravy full of flavour, oozing with an irresistible aroma that one just cannot ignore. Let’s just agree that a chicken curry is the ultimate crowd pleaser, without which any Indian dinner party menu is incomplete. 

Indian culinary traditions boast some of the most amazing chicken curries across different regions. While the meat is consistent, the curry adopts different flavours as you cross different regional boundaries. And we absolutely love the versatility that Indian curries offer. Be it the bold base of North India or a light and creamy one in South India, every state boasts a different version of chicken curry recipe. In North India, you’ll be served a zesty curry bursting with garam masala and other whole spices, which is served along with crisp naans. As you move towards the western part of the country, warm tints of poppy-seeds, cardamom and khada masalas dominate the dish, served with steaming rice. Again in South India, you’ll have a soothing coconut-y touch to the curries with the addition of coconut milk. 

So while a whole lot of people love butter chicken, there are many more mouth-watering Indian chicken curries that may be a little less popular but deserve every bit of your attention. 

1. Malvani Chicken Curry 

Despite having a creamy coconut base, the Malvani-style chicken curry is known to be fiery. Malvani refers to the people of Maharashtra, on the western coast of India, and this delectable chicken recipe comes from the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Malvani cuisine is known for a few signature masala blends that form the base of most of its dishes, both vegetarian and meat-based. This chicken curry too uses a freshly made Malvani masala, which lends an aromatic warmth and heat to the chicken. A perfect recipe for all the spice lovers out there, Malvani chicken curry can be an irresistible treat for your next dinner. 

2. Chicken Chettinad 

The classic Chettinad chicken curry is one of the most popular features of the Chettinad cuisine, which is also one of the spiciest in India. Belonging to the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, the cuisine has a rich and appetising blend of spices that are made using local and fresh ingredients. This chicken curry generously uses local and fresh ground spices that are tossed with chicken, making it a hot favourite in terms of regional cuisine. 

3. Sali Marghi 

An age-old Parsi preparation, Sali Marghi has chicken cooked in a tangy tomato gravy, and topped with crisp, fried potato strings. Not only is this a great side dish, but can also be served as a delicious main dish at a dinner party when paired with rice. 

4. Chicken Xacuti 

A lot of people may not know, but food in Goa goes beyond just seafood. Chicken Xacuti is a very spicy curry with chicken chunks cooked in a host of local flavours like coconut, cashews and white poppy seeds. When served with rice, Chicken Xacuti can impress even the pickiest of eaters.