Delhi University Pocket-Friendly Food Trail

By Smriti Dey

Delhi University is not just a haven for people in academia, but also for foodies and hungry students as well as visitors. From the most delicious, subsidised meal platters to snacks like samosas and kachoris, the canteens and stalls near North Campus as well as South Campus have plenty of delectable delights to offer everyone.

*Some restaurants listed in this trail serve non-vegetarian food, but have been added because they have good vegetarian options on their menu as well.

  • St.Stephen's Canteen

    St Stephen's canteen is a very friendly and budgetary spot with lots of options to choose from. It serves typical Delhi street foods that are student-friendly and famous simultaneously. From spring rolls to Kathi rolls, you can get everything at the canteen at a low price.
  • Jesus And Mary College Canteen

    The famous potato chilli from Jesus and Mary College canteen is one of the best you can have on the DU campus. The flavours melt in your mouth with a little bit of sweetness from the honey and the extra spicy potato fries which makes a perfect snack.
  • Charu Maggie Point, Delhi School of Economics

    If you are craving for Maggie, then this is the spot you need to hit. The Maggi has different varieties for you to taste, and with regular Maggi, the price is also minimal, at Rs 50. You can have cheese Maggie, you can have chilli Maggie, and the list goes on and on for you to try.
  • Tom Uncle’s Maggie, North Campus, Near Ramjas College

    Another one of the most famous Maggie spots, which was established in 1978, alongside the college making the best Maggi from the start. The prices are very affordable and student-friendly too. If you want to have a classic Maggie with the perfect ratio of masala in it, you are in for magic.
  • Sudama Ki Chai Opp, Hindu College

    Sudama Ki Chai is one of the most popular tea spots that students prefer, as the chai is magically delicious and made with brilliant spices. At the same time, the sweetness is very different and unique from other tea stalls. The milk-to-tea ratio is almost perfect, and you can also have different kinds of biscuits and cookies on the spot.
  • Miranda House Canteen

    Miranda house is another best canteen you can try with different kinds of food. Everything is good in the canteen, from momos to sandwiches, and the canteen is a lively spot for students to interact. You will never feel lonely coming to the place with a guarantee that you will have delicious food to fill you up at a budget price.
  • Hansraj College Canteen

    Hansraj College Canteen is a famous spot for it spring rolls. Make sure to try other delicacies like samosa and dosa in the canteen too. The food is so good that it will make you go wow instantly, and the prices are so unbelievable that you will want to come here every day.
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