This Chocolate Day Is Going To Be Luxe With This Chocolate Cubic
Image Credit: Roseate House, Chocolate Cubik

Every year, the world celebrates Chocolate Day on July 7. Interestingly, this yummy dessert is obtained from seeds of the cacao tree which has a bitter and strong taste. It is only through fermentation that the indulgent flavour of chocolate is obtained. While some say that this day was marked in history when Europe was introduced to chocolates in 1550, to celebrate the anniversary, there are other theories that tend to disagree. Although the origin of World Chocolate Day isn’t clear, the love for chocolate across the globe is pretty evident in the various desserts that are prepared with it.

One such dessert is the Chocolate Cubik. A rich and sinful dessert that is prepared with detailed layers of a raspberry chocolate mousse, milk chocolate ganache, raspberry jelly and salted crisps, the chocolate-filled squares are dusted off with silver edible spray. Since it is such a delightful treat, we fetched an exclusive recipe of the Roseate Cubik from Executive pastry chef at Roseate Hotels and Resorts, Chef Anand.  

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse


    150 gm chocolate 64% 

    150 gm cooking cream 

    300 gm whipped cream 

    100 gm raspberry sauce 

    5 gm gelatin leaf 


1.    Make a ganache from the fresh cream and dark chocolate.

2.    Add soaked gelatin leaf, let it cool to about 32°.

3.    Then add the whipped cream and raspberry sauce with a spatula. 

Salted Crisp


    100 gm sugar 

    60 gm cream 

    60 gm butter 

    80 gm feuilletine 


1.    Make a dry caramel and deglaze with hot cream and then add butter and a pinch of salt. 

2.    Add the palette feuilletine, spread on a silicone sheet and place in a cold place. 

3.    Cut it into discs with entremets cutter. 

Source: Roseate House 


    150 gm caramelia 36% 

    80 gm cooking cream 

    50 gm cointreau  

    20 gm glucose 

    Mandarin gest 


1.    Melt the milk Noche chocolate. 

2.    Heat the cream with glucose.

3.    Then mix into the chocolate several times until it becomes a smooth ganache, finally add cointreau and mandarin zest .  

Raspberry Jelly


    150 gm raspberry puree 

    35 gm sugar  

    4 gm pectin


1.    Cook the raspberry puree and add sugar mixed with pectin when it starts boiling. 

2.    Stir it continuously for 2 more minutes and once done pour into jelly inset or cubik insert. 

Colour Glaze


    140 gm water 

    160 gm glucose 

    280 gm caster sugar 

    100 gm sweetened condensed milk 

    17 gm gelatin powder 

    80 gm water 

    200 gm opalys 33% 

    Red colour 


1.    Cook the water, caster sugar and glucose to 103°C. 

2.    Pour over the condensed milk, gelatin mass and the white chocolate. 

3.    Refrigerate overnight. 

4.    The following day, heat to 40°C and let it cool to 30-35°C before use. 

Cocoa Spray


    400 gm opalys 33% 

    300 gm cocoa butter 

    4 gm brown colour


1.    Melt chocolate, cocoa butter and mix colour well with a blender. 

2.    Spray to be used in between 30-33°C.  

3.    You can add any colour, as preferred. 

 For assembling:  

1.    Set the mould in a tray. Pour half of the raspberry chocolate mousse. Let it set for 5 min and then cover it with salted crisp. 

2.    Pour the Cointreau ganache and let it set for 5 min. Now insert the raspberry jelly, pour leftover chocolate mousse and cover it with a sponge. 

3.    Let it freeze in a blast chiller for 2 hours. Once set, demold and finish with spray and red glaze in the grooves. 

4.    Ready to serve.