Chocolate Day 2022: 5 Sinful Chocolate-Flavoured Drinks To Relish

When we come across a variety of flavoured drinks to savour, most of us choose chocolate. And what’s better than relishing chocolate-flavoured drinks on Chocolate Day. Yes, Valentine’s week has arrived and Chocolate Day is less than a day away. Although like love, chocolate doesn’t need a day or week to celebrate, you need to make Valentine’s week special for your partner. To amp up your Chocolate Day celebrations, here are five irresistibly decadent chocolate-flavoured drinks. Try them out and let us know how you like them.

• Hot Chocolate

As we are coming towards the end of winter days, there is no better time to relish a glass of hot chocolate. Surprise your partner with a tall glass of hot chocolate. You can also plan a romantic date night and serve some decadent foods with a glass of hot chocolate.

• Chocolate Milkshake

Make a flavourful and decadent chocolate milkshake with this easy and delicious chocolate milkshake recipe. The drink can be served any time of the day and is perfect to set the mood for the day.

• Chocolate Tea

There is no better way to start your day with a hot chocolatey drink. And if your partner is a tea aficionado, this chocolate tea is enough to make your day. Surprise your partner with a cup of hot chocolate tea and some chocolate pancakes on the side the first thing in the morning and start a romantic Chocolate Day.  

• Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie

A creamy smoothie along with some delicious foods on the side is a combo to savour. The creamy and flavourful smoothie is enough to make your partner drool and be full of love.

• Chocolate Raspberry Martini

If you are planning a romantic dinner date, this Martini recipe is perfect for your dinner menu. Flavoured with chocolate and raspberry vodka, this Martini is one of the best boozy drinks you can count on.