Winter Special Parathas: It’s The Time For Some Desi Food

Coming from a Punjabi household, I have grown up eating parathas not just in breakfast but every other time. Whenever I feel hungry, I have a habit of grabbing a paratha, spreading a layer of achar on it and I am good to go. Whenever I am out of evening tea snack, I again grab a paratha and pair it with my hot cup of tea. I think parathas are not just an inseparable part of my life but many others.   

Parathas are loved so much for a reason. Not only they are quick but could be made of literally anything. Some love aloo ka parathas while some can’t do without gobi ka paratha. But you know what? This article is dedicated to some special parathas that we get a chance to eat only in Winters. Yes, have a look at the list below and prep yourself for having these amazing parathas in the coming months. 

Mooli Ke Parathe 

Stuffed with masaledar shredded radish, mooli ke parathe can make you go crazy in just a single bite. These simmering hot parathas spell indulgence and could be your winter special breakfast. In case you are worrying for the recipe, here you go. 

Methi Ke Parathe 

Methi ke parathe gives a total winter vibe, isn’t it? If there is one such paratha which is delicious as well as healthy, it is the OG methi ka paratha. And no, this paratha isn’t bitter but yummy when made with a blend of spices and served with a lot of white makhan. Try it yourself. 

Matar Ke Parathe

We can totally say that matar or peas are little drops of heaven. It can elevate the taste of literally any sabji and when it comes to paratha, it can conquer the breakfast table. This scrumptious paratha has peas mixed with different masalas. Here’s the recipe. 

Bathue Ke Paratha 

Just like methi ke parathe, bathue ke parathe is yet another example of what happens when nutrition meets taste. Bathua leaves are packed with vitamin A and C and is considered very beneficial for Winters. Also known for boosting immunity, bathua makes for some amazing parathas that you must try.  

Cabbage Parathe 

This might not be an exact winter special, but it needs to be on the list because of its amazing taste. This vegetable is also packed with vitamin C and many other nutrients that are beneficial for the body especially in Winters. Wanna know how to make these parathas? Find the recipe below. 

These were my top Winter special parathas. What do you think? Aren’t these parathas your favourite? Do let us know.