Oozing with oil, topped with butter and piping hot, parathas can be addictive! There's no denying that for Indians, parathas are legendary. We love it in every meal. No wonder in many Indian homes it is a staple in breakfast, while for some it is a regular tiffin meal. I loved gorging on parathas paired with masaledaar dry aloo, that my mother packed for me throughout my school and college life! Parathas are super versatile, and on days when the plain parathas get monotonous, you can simply give it an interesting spin. Love garlic and onion? Make a mix of both and stuff it in your parathas. In fact, handful of ajwain (cumin) rolled into your dough can give your parathas a hint of spicy flavour that you’ll love. Pair it with a tantalising aam ka achaar or lemon pickle for a hearty meal.  

Here are 5 amazing ways to spruce up your regular parathas and enjoy a new meal every time: 

1. Leftover Dal Paratha 

Dal is a staple perhaps in every Indian household and is typically made every second day. And if you’ve got some leftover of it from previous meal, you can simply revamp your next meal with yummy dal ke parathe! All you need to do is stuff that cooked dal into the dough while rolling your parathas.  Nutritious, quick and super delicious! 


2. Onion-Garlic Paratha 

This one is super easy to cook. Chop some onions and garlic together, mix a bit of salt and roll it with the dough to turn around a regular paratha! Pair this with curd for a wholesome meal.  

3. Achaari Paratha 

Why pair your paratha with your favourite achaar when you can stuff it inside your paratha?. Yes, you read that right! Roll your regular parathas, fill it with achaar masala and you’ll perhaps never go back to the regular ones. 

4. Mixed Veg Paratha 

Get the best of both worlds- nutrition and taste, together with this amazing mixed veg parathas. Choose your favourite vegetables from peas to gobhi and carrot, mix together and stuff in parathas to fry! 

5. Egg Paratha 

Give your parathas an extra kick of protein. Whisk an egg, add some salt and pepper and pour it in the dough while kneading. Alternatively, you can pour it over the paratha when it is being cooked over the pan like an omelette. Loaded and delicious! 

So, which one are you trying for your next meal?