Weight Loss Breakfast: 5 Ways To Solve Bajra Ka Majra
Image Credit: Bajra Dosa

High on nutrition and low in calories, you’ll find it hard to look for a reason to say no to bajra. For the unversed, it is a type of whole grain that is also known as pearl millet. This millet is super healthy, and is dry and hot in nature, making it perfect to keep your body warm in winters. So how can you include it in your diet?

While lunch can be all about khichdis and soups, you can also use bajra for your breakfast dishes. For instance, you can make savoury pancakes, parathas, cutlets, and more for your morning meals. Bajra is known to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases as well as being considered helpful in terms of managing diabetes. Moreover, bajra-based dishes are quite filling and keep you full for longer hours so that you do not snack in between meals. This makes it great for weight-loss too.

With so many nutritional and health benefits, you can’t skip the idea of bajra in your diet anymore. Here are a few breakfast recipes that you can try at home.  

1.   Bajra Dosa

This thin and light dosa is made with bajra, urad dal, and oats. The batter of the dosa doesn’t have any rice which makes it fit for diabetics too. The crispy South Indian breakfast is gluten-free and vegan, while being full of fibre and protein. This healthy dosa is plain, not stuffed with any fillings and flavoured with fenugreek seeds. 

2.   Bajra Paratha

This yummy Indian flatbread is usually made with wheat flour. However, in this case, bajra replaces the flour of the paratha and it is rolled out into thin rounds of dough. This is then stuffed with bell peppers, green chillies and mashed paneer. Toss on a tawa and cook until crisp from both sides. Pair with a bowl of curd and enjoy your healthy breakfast.  

3.  Bajra Muthiya

Muthiya, for the unversed, is a Gujarati specialty that is made by gripping the fist on the dough and shaping them into dumplings. These are then steamed and served hot for breakfast and snacks. While it is usually made with besan, this one has bajra, besan and wheat flour mixed together with curd, ginger, mustard seeds, freshly grated coconut and coriander. This is a healthy way to enjoy your favourite delight.

4.  Bajra Crepe

Thin, round and soft breakfast treats are given a healthy twist with bajra crepes. The batter for the crepes is made with pearl millet flour and fresh coconut. Blended together, the crepes are cooked on a non-stick pan and flipped on both sides to cook. These soft and smooth bites are best eaten with a tomato or red chilli chutney. 

5.  Bajra Appe

Quick and easy to make, appe are small South Indian pancakes that are often eaten for breakfast or snacks. Usually made with rice flour and curd, this one has bajra flour in it too. Urad dal lends the dish a delicious flavour while grated coconut and jaggery add crunchiness and sweetness respectively. These small balls are shallow-fried and paired with coconut chutney.