Watch: This Fruity Kachori Could Turn Your Favourite Snack Into A Breakfast Treat
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, From matar to pyaaz, several kachori recipes to try.

Right from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, deep-fried snacks are favourite evening bites. Be it the conical, potato-stuffed pastry called samosa or the stuffed, circular poori called kachori. While samosas are paired with tamarind chutney and green chutney, kachoris are eaten with chole and aloo ki subzis along with these chutneys. Usually, the crispy and flaky snacks come packed with savoury flavours but this time we saw something sweet. 

Recently, a food blogger called @foodiee_sahab posted a reel on his Instagram handle about a unique kachori preparation and we are totally loving it. The kachori comes with a fruity touch. It is loaded with bananas, grapes and lots of chutney. The pairing of a crispy delight with sweet fruit seems quite unusual and is being sold at by a street vendor in Shahdara area of Delhi. Here is what it looks like. 

Source: Foodiee Sahab/Instagram

The video begins with a huge utensil filled with chopped tomatoes and onions. The man tops it with boiled chickpeas. He then tosses them in some garam masala and salt. He mixes all of this really well. Then, he adds chopped bananas, grapes and pomegranate seeds to a bowl full of chutney. He pours more tamarind chutney on it and mixes it all together. Finally, he takes a cup and places a few deep-fried kachoris on it. He pours in the chickpea mixture first, followed by a drizzle of green chutney and the fruity mixture. This fruit kachori is then served. 

Did you like the kachori preparation? We know you are tempted so here are some kachoris that you can relish today. 

1.  Jodhpuri Pyaaz Kachori 

The specialty of this Rajasthani city has to be their pyaaz ki kachori. The deep-fried kachori is filled with chopped onions which are mixed in a spicy masala. This crunchy and crispy bite is served with a mint and coriander chutney. 

2.  Aloo Kachori 

You must have had aloo samosa but have you tried aloo ki kachori yet? Stuffed with diced potatoes, the kachori comes packed with a punch of spice and flavour. Paired with a hot and fiery chutney, these kachoris can surely spruce up your breakfast. 

3.  Moong Dal Ki Kachori 

Filled with a mildly-spiced preparation of moong dal, the lentil kachori is all things tasty. This is another popular snack from Rajasthan’s Jaipur city. 

4.  Matar Kachori 

Looking for some greens in your kachori? Stuffed with some delicious sweet peas which are mixed with loads of spices, the kachori is deep-fried till it turns golden brown.