Valentine’s Week: This Propose Day, Win Over Your Partner With This 3-Course Menu
Image Credit: Pixabay

Love is in the air again and we love every bit of it. The weather is also just about fine to make your memories a wee bit more memorable. In a few days from now couples all around the world will be ringing in Valentine’s Day on Monday, 14th February, but prior to that, an entire week is dedicated to the celebration of love. Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day, followed by Propose Day. The Propose day is celebrated on 8th February every year. Many people choose this day to propose to their loved ones for marriage or a relationship, if you are also struggling to pop the question, we have just the right idea. Since everyone is in a mood to indulge now, how about cooking an entire meal from scratch and surprising your loved one? Don’t worry, we have a fully planned menu for you with detailed recipes. Read on.  


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep some hummus and pita ready, by the time your partner arrives. It would also help buy you some time in the kitchen when you are busy preparing your main meal, just dunk the pita in hummus and chat away as your sauce is in the making.  

Tikkas and Kababs are always welcome, some fried prawns with a sour curd-like dip also make for an easy yet elegant option.

If you are looking for something lighter, an easy sweet-corn salad is something you can fix anytime.


Moving on to the mains, you cannot mess up here. A classic Italian that can work as charm here would be Spaghetti Carbonara. Al dente spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy carbonara sauce made with thick cream, olive oil, parmesan cheese and egg yolks.

Alongside, you can also prepare some spicy, roadside veg fried rice and manchurian, a little bit of Desi-Chinese magic can work wonders for you. 

A colourful veggie sautee, can really bring the meal together with its fresh, juicy crunchiness.


End the meal with white chocolate, pistachio and cranberry ice cream, we have heard pistachios are a great aphrodisiac too.

If you are looking for something warm and cozy, then you can opt for Rose and Jaggery Halwa, for is there anything that a hint of rose cannot fix. Desi and delicious, this pudding is sure to win hearts.  


Happy Propose Day, everyone, hope you get to hear the answer you are vying for.