Uttar Pradesh Breakfast: Kachoris, Choora Matar, And More
Image Credit: Uttar Pradesh Breakfast dishes

The reason why we don’t acknowledge the term "Indian cuisine" or "Indian food" is because of the large-scale diversity in the country that is difficult to encompass under one single term. From Gujarati to Maharashtrian, Punjabi to Kashmiri, and Tamilian to Andhra, each region is known for its unique set of dishes.

Take Uttar Pradesh, for instance. Pick a particular city, and you will find plenty of yummy dishes donning the breakfast platter. Varanasi is known for its choora matar. The delicious green pea dish is not just a breakfast item but a street food too. Similarly, kachoris are widely found across the state in various fillings, from dal to pyaaz and more.

Here are a few breakfast dishes from UP that you cannot miss out on.

1. Kulcha Nihari 

This meaty breakfast combination from Lucknow is a must-have. It consists of a hearty mutton paya stew that is paired with a soft and moist flatbread called kulcha. You will easily find it being served on the streets of the city. It is a filling and appetising combination that is perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast.

2.  Choora Matar 

This is a winter-special treat that is commonly found in Varanasi. For the unfamiliar, the dish is a Banarasi version of poha, where beaten rice, or choora, is mixed with cooked green peas. The peas are crushed and cooked well. This is a quick and easy treat that doesn’t require any spices. When in the city, enjoy this street food bite, which is also a popular breakfast treat.

3. Aloo Kachori Subzi

All across UP, kachori—a fried snack that resembles a poori—is a staple breakfast dish. Most streets are usually teeming with delicious kachoris that are stuffed with spices and served with aloo ki subzi. The potatoes are diced and cooked in an onion-tomato gravy and garnished with chopped coriander before being served hot.

4.  Bedmi Poori 

This kind of poori is another fried delight from the region that is made with chana and urad dal. The lentils are mixed with the flour, and a dough is prepared. It is then rolled into roundels and deep-fried until golden brown. Finally, the yummy pooris are served with either an aloo subzi or a pumpkin curry.

5.  Bedai And Jalebi

Now that we’ve established the love for fried food in UP, it should come as no surprise that they also enjoy sweets. Jalebis are often eaten alongside bedai, which is a cross between a poori and a kachori. The twisty, sugar syrup-coated dessert is a must-have when in UP, as it is freshly prepared during breakfast.