The delicious combo of tangy kadhi and steamed rice is a duo that spells indulgence. In any Indian household, whenever a bowl of curd is sitting in the refrigerator, at some point it is mostly likely to be used to make a delish kadhi. Kadhi is a yellow-coloured, yogurt-based dish which is made using gram flour (besan). Kadhi is quite popular in North-India and has a gamut of variations within the sub-continent itself. It has robust flavours ranging from tangy to spicy. The preparation of the whole dish is completed in two parts- first dumplings of besan are deep fried until golden-brown, which is then doused in toothsome curry. The yellow thick curry is prepared using yogurt and then besan is added to it as a thickening agent. It is also combined with an array of spices and herbs to make it flavourful.

Banarasi kadhi pakodi is a delightful variation of this delish dish. Banaras is the oldest city of India and like its rich history, the culinary styles have also evolved over the years. The city is famous for its scrumptious desi snacks which are made in surplus ghee. And this indulgent touch is a USP of this dish as well. With a wide variety of spices the small round balls of besan pakodi is made and thrown in the scrummy kadhi, flavoured with methi seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and dry red chillies. Banarasi kadhi pakodi can be prepared by using both kinds of curds whether with rancid curd or fresh curd. Generally, the thick-dense kadhi is made using the sour curd which lends its rich tanginess to it. Here’s the recipe for Banarasi kadhi pakodi that you should try.