Top High-Protein Breakfast Ideas When You’re Bored Of Eggs
Image Credit: Pixabay, From peanut butter banana toast to oats poha, there are plenty of vegetarian alternatives to eggs.

Eggs are a commonly-eaten breakfast item that is high in protein. Mornings at my place usually start with boiled eggs, poached ones or an omlette with a toast. This is a rich and fulfilling meal that keeps you going all day long. What makes eggs a go-to breakfast option is the fact that they are readily available, versatile to make and are prepared in a jiffy. Since everyone is in a rush in the morning, heading to work, college or school, eggs are a quick solution to satiate the morning hunger pangs. Not just protein, eggs are also a rich source of Vitamin D and great for promoting heart health since they contain choline and betaine. 

The versatility of eggs is such that you can actually have a new kind of egg each morning. However, if that has been your routine every morning, we are sure you must have gotten bored of it by now. So why not think of some alternatives? If you look at the vegetarian side of things, you’d realise that there are so many other sources of protein too. Tofu, oats and lentils are some of the top high-protein options that can be devoured for breakfast. Can’t think of ways to include them in your breakfast diet? Here are some recipes that might help. 

1.  Poha with Oats 

A crunchy and delicious twist to this Maharastrian breakfast staple, poha is a yummy meal that can become rich in protein with the addition of oats. Poha, for the uninitiated, are flattened rice that are usually cooked with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, corn and all the things you like. Add to this some oats and toss some roasted peanuts on top to enjoy a crunchy breakfast bowl. 

2.   Chickpea Salad 

Chickpea is also a kind of lentil and is full of protein. For this salad recipe, we’ll be using white chickpeas. The chickpeas are boiled and tossed with chopped tomatoes, onions, sliced avocados, cucumbers and spices like cumin, red chilli and more. Drizzle a dash of lemon juice and shake the salad to give it a tangy touch. 

3.  Banana And Peanut Butter Toast 

Did you know that bananas are high in protein? Oh yes, they are and that’s why you can make a delicious toast with a layer of crunchy peanut butter and sliced and caramelized bananas for breakfast. This is filling, sweet, crunchy and a great alternative to eggs. 

4.   Moong Dal And Paneer Chilla 

Chilla, for the unversed is a type of Indian pancake, that is usually savoury rather than sweet. The moong dal is rich in protein and so is the paneer so it makes for a perfect breakfast option. Stuff the chilla with paneer and enjoy. 

5.   Daliya Upma 

Upma is a classic South Indian breakfast dish and here, it is made with broken wheat which is rich in protein. The finely-chopped carrots and onions add the crunch while the peas and other vegetables lend it nutrition. This is a great way to amp up your breakfast.